You can finally print your JAL international flight boarding pass online from October 21 2010


Japan Airlines (JAL) will roll out a new online check-in system on October 21 2010, same date they start the new HND international flights to Taipei. With the new system, you can finally print out your own boarding pass (or have it sent to your phone if it is an ex-HND flight) and walk strict to the gate (ok after dropping off your luggages at the quick baggage drop-off counter and going through security).

JAL still blocks some seats in the current online check-in system, e.g. if you are a non-frequent flyer you won't be able to select the exit row seats online. And even as a JMB Sapphire, I still couldn't select certain seats using the current online check-in system. Not sure if the new system will change that or you will still have to go to the check-in counter to select those blocked seats. If they do, I *hope* they will release the seats in different stages, e.g. 72 hours before departure, all JMB elites can select any seats, then release the remaining seats 24 hours before departure to everyone...Just some thoughts that will add value to our hard earned JMB status :P

For details on the new online check-in system, you can refer to JAL website



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