Saturday, July 31, 2010

SFO got screw once again!

You probably know by now when Japan Airlines (JAL) switches San Francisco (SFO) route (JL001/002) from Narita (NRT) to Haneda (HND), it will lose First class service. But a month before the switch, JAL screws folks at SFO once again by switching it to W73 config between September 5 and 30, i.e. no JAL Suite nor NEO seats, only Solo and Shell Flat. This is not the first time JAL has done this. In fact, every time there's an aircraft routing change or maintenance that requires taking one of the new 773 out of service, SFO is the one who got switched out. JAL did this a couple of times last year. So if you are flying JL001/002 within that period, make sure you check your seat assignment because there could be better options now. Good luck!

JAL will acquire 65 aircrafts in the next 5 years, expect whining from ANA

According to (via The Economic Times), Japan Airlines (JAL) will spend 241.5 billion yen in the next 5 years to buy small/mid-sized fuel efficient aircraft.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

JAL canceled remaining Boeing 777-300ER orders?

Back in January when JAL filed for bankruptcy, there were 71 unfilled Boeing orders including 20 737-800's, 9 767-300ER's, 7 777-300ER's widebodies and 35 787's. JAL originally scheduled to take more 773 this fall but I just checked Boeing's website, JAL only has 60 unfilled orders left and Boeing has only delivered 4 738's to JAL this year so far. There are no more unfilled 773 orders left! :( Well this all make sense because JAL don't need anymore large sized aircraft at the moment. Too bad I was hoping to fly on JA744J. I guess that's not going to happen any time soon :(

So if you are hoping for the JAL Suites to make it to the European network, you will have to wait for JAL to reconfigure its older 773 fleet. With JL001/002 downsizing to 772, JAL only has 1 spare 773, not enough to have a daily JAL Suite to Europe :)

JAL reports operating profit in June quarter and more restructuring updates

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced today that they are seeing great results on their restructuring efforts. JAL has successfully achieved an operating profit in the June quarter, i.e. April-June 2010 (Oh my 6 flights helped them out :P)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JAL moving to Terminal 3 in Delhi on July 30 2010

Japan Airlines (JAL) will be moving its operation at Delhi from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 on July 3 2010. Terminal 3 is a newly built terminal at DEL. All international carriers will be moving to T3 as well. IT, 9W, IC, S2 will move their operations from T1 to T3 on August 27 2010. JAL will be using Kingfisher's lounge in the new T3 (Obvious choice right? Since they will be joining Oneworld). However the lounge won't be open until mid August. Until then, JAL passengers are invited to use the common lounge. For layout of the new T3 and location of JAL check-in counters, you can refer to here. Lounge access rules are listed here. According to the press release, Kingfisher's new lounge will use the color red as its main color, and there will be wireless LAN access and shower facilities in the lounge.

For details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (which is only available in Japanese at the moment, the English version should be up soon)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More JAL planes with COP10 special livery

J-AIR's Embraer 170 aircraft with COP10 livery, registration JA217J
J-AIR's Embraer 170 aircraft with COP10 livery, registration JA217J (Source: JAL Press Release)

In case you have missed this, Japan Airlines (JAL) has added the COP10 logo to its Eco-Jet since June 13 2010. This is to show JAL's support to the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in Aichi, Nagoya in October and to raise awareness for the event and its motto of “Life in Harmony, into the future". Now JAL has decided to add the COP10 logo on more planes.

JAL and Finnair expands codeshare agreement

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Finnair announced they will expand their existing codeshare agreement to cover 7 additional routes. Starting from August 1 2010, JAL will start placing its JL code on Finnair's flights between Helsinki and 7 European cities: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Brussels, Warsaw and Gothenburg. With these latest additions, JAL's European network now covers 36 destinations! JAL and Finnair's agreement now covers 13 destinations on 15 routes. Reservations on these new codeshare flights starts tomorrow. Below are the schedules

Friday, July 16, 2010

JAL added commercial to on-demand contents

On my inbound flights, I noticed some changes to the MAGIC-III system. It now plays a short commercial before SOME of the on-demand movie contents. This is probably a new way for Japan Airlines (JAL) to generate some extra revenue. This happens in both economy and business class! (At first I thought this is only for economy class) To be honest, it is a bit annoying but I can live with that. Below are the videos showing how it looks like...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So I am back...kind of

First post after my loooooooooong break. I am still trying to recover from my trip and get back to my normal life. To be honest I miss flying on Japan Airlines (JAL) already. It will take me a while to get use to NOT flying on JAL every week. Yup, that's what I did last month - spent 42 hours on JAL LOL (Consider that as my JAL intensive training course :P) The flights are still as good as before. And man I love JAL Global Club, the JGC perks have saved me so much time during my trip.

Now the "bad" news part...As some of you might have noticed, I haven't been updating the blog and my twitter as often as before. It is quite a demanding job to do all these by myself and have a normal life...It surprised me that I have actually run this blog for more than a year (I didn't think it will last this long). I still intend to continue running this blog but I am trying to find a balance between this and other things...So (at least until I got this "other thing" done) I probably wouldn't be updating the blog as often as before. For more updated news, you should follow me on twitter (which I am trying to keep that up-to-date). At least that's my current plan. But who knows, my JAL-OCD might make me write a post once I read something about JAL LOL

And hey, if you want to help me out to update this blog, I am more than happy to create an account for you and rename the blog to something else :P