So I am back...kind of


First post after my loooooooooong break. I am still trying to recover from my trip and get back to my normal life. To be honest I miss flying on Japan Airlines (JAL) already. It will take me a while to get use to NOT flying on JAL every week. Yup, that's what I did last month - spent 42 hours on JAL LOL (Consider that as my JAL intensive training course :P) The flights are still as good as before. And man I love JAL Global Club, the JGC perks have saved me so much time during my trip.

Now the "bad" news part...As some of you might have noticed, I haven't been updating the blog and my twitter as often as before. It is quite a demanding job to do all these by myself and have a normal life...It surprised me that I have actually run this blog for more than a year (I didn't think it will last this long). I still intend to continue running this blog but I am trying to find a balance between this and other things...So (at least until I got this "other thing" done) I probably wouldn't be updating the blog as often as before. For more updated news, you should follow me on twitter (which I am trying to keep that up-to-date). At least that's my current plan. But who knows, my JAL-OCD might make me write a post once I read something about JAL LOL

And hey, if you want to help me out to update this blog, I am more than happy to create an account for you and rename the blog to something else :P



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