Friday, January 28, 2011

Problem found on one of JAL's 777-300's emergency exit slides

Japan Airlines (JAL) found problems with the emergency exit slides on one of the 777-300's. It was a mistake made by a subcontractor (outsourcing?). It has been flying for 2 years and 11 months before the problem is caught. 7 other 777-300's could have similar problems and JAL will check the other 7 777-300's. 4 flights were delayed for up to 4 hours 45 minutes today and 1,430 passengers were affected.

JAL has issued a statement on its website regarding this issue. The company who performed this maintenance work was TKY (株式会社東京機内用品製作所). At least it's not the Singapore company who mixed up their left and right engines and messed up ANA's oxygen masks this time :o JAL apologized for the inconvenience caused due to this. Flight operation will be back to normal tomorrow (of course other than cancellations and delays caused by volcanic eruption in Japan). JAL will carry out extra supervision to its outsourced maintenance work to avoid occurrence of similar events and will continue to work on its mission to maintain flight safety!

Source: via Yahoo! (Japanese only)

JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet Preparation and Special Event

JAL preparing for the new JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet!
JAL preparing for the new JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet! Image by JALUX

The Official JALUX Blog and The Official Samantha Thavasa Press Blog have posted a couple of new photos of the JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet! It was still under preparation at the Japan Airlines (JAL) hanger. The pretty models pay a visit to the hanger (are they the one whose faces are printed on the Jet?) and you can see more pictures on the JALUX Blog and The Official Samanatha Thavasa Press Blog.

Also a Special Event is planned on Feb 7 2011 to celebrate the launch of the JAL and Samantha Thavasa's collaboration before the first flight of the JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet on Feb 8 2011. Yuri Ebihara (蛯原友里) who is an AneCan Model, Yamamoto Mizuki (山本美月), Tsuchiya Hazuki (土屋巴瑞季) who are models from CanCam will attend this special event! For more details, please visit: The Official Thavasa Press Blog.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speculation: JAL's JA822J could be the next 787 to fly

According to KPAE Paine Field Blog, it appears that 787 line 23. JA822J for Japan Airlines (JAL), now has the engines installed! There were quite a number of people working on the plane too. This is one of the few 787 that has engines installed and has not flown yet (the other one line 8 is in bay 3 of ATS hanger 3 according to Matt Cawby of KPAE Paine Field Blog. Some commenters think it might be due to line 23 is in better shape than the others especially in the horizontal stabilizer. So it's only speculation at this point but I am glad that finally a JAL 787 has engines on and is one step closer to its first flight :)

For pictures and video of this JAL 787, please visit KPAE Paine Field Blog

Pictures of JA654J. Could be the first 767 with new livery

JA654J had its first test flight at Paine Field yesterday. There's a picture of it at

Unfortunately they haven't finished painting the new livery yet and the rudder (rear part of the tail) has been painted the old "Arc of The Sun" too :eek: But this could be the first plane with the new JAL livery. So I will keep an eye on this plane to see if we can see the new livery before its official debut :)

Source: @ikarosairline

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Congratulations! JAL is the Most On-Time Airlines in 2010

Award trophy for 2010 Most On-time Major International Airlines for JAL
Award trophy for 2010 Most On-time Major International Airlines for JAL. Image by

Yes we did it again! Two years in a row, Japan Airlines (JAL) received the top honor of's On-time Performance Service Awards for Major International. And J-Air also win the most on-time service award for regional airlines in Asia, which is a new category this year!

Monday, January 24, 2011

2010-12-14 JL027 Trip Report Part I: Hello Haneda! Time to Check In

Japan Airlines (JAL) check-in counters at Haneda (HND) International Terminal
JAL check-in counters at Haneda (HND) International Terminal

Yea yea yea I still haven't finished up reports from two years ago but what the heck. Let me write up this trip back in December 2010 first because this time I was flying out of the newly opened Haneda (HND) International Terminal and of course it is on Japan Airlines (JAL) :p A lot of people probably have questions regarding this new terminal and lounges (yes I know you have questions :p). So in Part I, I will talk about the check in (You will have to wait for Part III for lounge report :))

JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet! [Updated 2]

1:200 JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet model
1:200 JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet model. Image by JALUX.

[Update 2: JALUX Blog has added more photos of the cookies]
[Update: Added aircraft registration number and routes it will be deployed on]

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Samantha Thavasa have teamed up in order to help Samantha Thavasa to boost its brand recognition in Japan. The Samantha Thavasa logo will be printed on the fuselage of a JAL 777-200 (JA8983), the headrests, and paper cups. This will be mainly used on flights between Haneda and Chitose, Fukuoka, and Itami.

JALUX will have a couple of special items go on sale on Feb 8 2011 to celebrate this collaboration between JAL and Samantha Thavasa. Below are the items.

Friday, January 21, 2011

JALCard FLY ON Points Bonus Campaign

Japan Airlines (JAL) will continue to run last year's JALCard FLY ON Points (FOPs) bonus campaign this year. Just like last year, eligible JALCard holders will earn either 10% or 20% of FOP bonus depending on their card type when they fly on eligible JAL Group flights. For details, please visit JAL website (Japanese, English).

This is so unfair to overseas JAL affiliated credit card holders, e.g. JAL USA Card holders, who get nothing :(

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

JAL Group Route, Flight Frequency & Fleet Plan for 2011

Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced its 2011 route, flight and fleet plan for 2011. There will be frequency changes, new routes in 2011. Not mentioned in the press release is the upgrade of YVR flight to user the latest regional product: JAL Skyrecliner and state of art MAGIC-V with touch screen monitor in widescreen aspect ratio. Below is the summary of the route plan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JAL New Livery Revealed [Update]

Japan Airlines (JAL) new livery with the old crane logo
JAL new livery with the old crane logo. Image by Japan Arilines.

[Update: Added link to model plane with new livery at press conference]

Today at the anniversary of Japan Airlines (JAL) bankruptcy filing, JAL revealed its new logo and plane livery. The first plane with this livery will be a 767-300ER flying on international route (hey, YVR is downsizing to 763 when Summer schedule starts, which is around the same time frame!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's OFFICIAL. JAL will switch back to the Tsurumaru logo in April

JAL old tsurumaru logosIt's official. Japan Airlines (JAL) confirmed about the planned logo change in April. They hope the revival of the Tsurumaru, i.e. crane, logo signal a fresh start (old logo means fresh start?) and rehabilitation efforts. According to JAL, a lot of customers love the crane logo and requested a revival! They will add modern touches to the logo including a font change.

I love the old logo but still think it's a waste of money. So any idea on what to expect? The current Arc of Sun tail design will be gone but will they keep the current JAL logo? Or are they planning to use the crane to replace it too?

Daily Yomiuri Online
The Japan Times

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rumor: JAL bringing back the Tsurumaru logo with a modern touch?

JAL old tsurumaru logosYomiuri Online started an interesting rumor that says Japan Airlines (JAL) will switch back to its old Tsurumaru logo but with a modern touch when it changes its company name on April 1 2011. The same time that JAL plans to exit bankruptcy and has a fresh start. They will modify the JAL font in the old Tsurumaru logo.

Personally I love the old Tsurumaru logo and would love to see that come back (the old fonts and the old marking). But it seems like a waste of money to do so at the moment. I would rather they spend the money to improve their products and service. Why spend them on painting the fleet once again (they just finished switching to the current marking on May 31 2008)? I hope the rumor isn't true although I would love to see the family crane in the sky once again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JAL would like to create JBV with CX

According to Bloomberg, Japan Airlines (JAL) President Masaru Onishi said they would like to create a joint business venture similar to the one with AA with Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) during an interview in Tokyo yesterday. An CX spokesperson said they see that as an option.

With the upcoming open skies deal with US, JAL will start a JBV with AA on April 1 2011. Japan plans to seek similar open skies deal with other Asian countries. This opens up business opportunities and possible tie up for JAL. As the only other Oneworld carrier in Asia, CX is an option (Of course BA said they are ready when JAL is too). Does that mean the big carriers within an alliance are going to create JBV with each other and coordinate on price and schedule? I don't like what this is heading at all.

Monday, January 10, 2011

JAL to Expand Premium Economy Upgrade Campaign to Cover European Routes

Japan Airlines (JAL) launched a premium economy upgrade campaign late last year. Originally the campaign only covered US routes. With 10,000 JMB miles, passenger can upgrade from Y to PY (one-way). JAL announced that this campaign will be extended to the European network from Jan 15 2011.

Added routes are :

This campaign ends on March 31 2011. For details, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese, English)

Summary of Today's Press Conference [Updated]

[Update: Added NRT-ORD schedule]

Below are some of the highlights of today's press conference

Official Press Release from Today's Joint Press Conference on JBV

Here are the official press release of today's joint press conference:


JAL/AA Joint Press Conference TODAY. You can watch it LIVE

I posted this yesterday on FlyerTalk. In case you have missed this, Japan Airlines (JAL) and American Airlines (AA) are holding a joint press conference in Japan at 2PM Japan Standard Time on Jan 11 2011 (Yes that's today). This will be about their joint business venture (JBV) progress. I expect at least a timeline of their integration but it's possible they will announce changes in their respective FFPs as JAL usually announces changes to its program at around this time.

AA is doing a live broadcast of the press conference on its facebook page. Tune in at 2PM today to watch the press conference LIVE at