Wednesday, November 30, 2011

JAL to serve JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) onboard this winter

JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) served during winter
JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) served during winter (Source: JAL Press Release)

In order to bring passengers a sense of winter onboard, Japan Airlines (JAL) will start serving the JAL Original Air Nikuman, a special pork bun, onboard on select long-haul flights departing from Tokyo this winter between December 1 2011 and February 29 2012. This is to replace the current Air Mos Burger on the menu in Premium Economy and Economy classes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

JAL collaborates with Imperial Hotel to celebrate the 4th anniversary of domestic first class

This December marks the 4th anniversary of Japan Airlines (JAL) Domestic First Class. Every year, JAL celebrates the domestic F anniversary with some campaigns and this year is no different. JAL will start collaborating with the Imperial Hotel this time to create some special dishes for you to enjoy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Searching for JAL awards get easier

JAL international award calendar search Step 4: Pick your destination region
Enhanced JAL award calendar search
[Update: English version of the enhanced calendar search is finally available]

Japan Airlines (JAL) has just rolled out a new JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) award calendar search tool. Now you can search for awards in a calendar format for up to 330 days for international awards and 2 months for domestic awards! And it will display award availabilities on all flights from your airport! Before this enhancement, you could only search for international award using the calendar search features up to 180 days and 1 city at a time. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japanese right now. But even if you are only using the English version of JMB website, you also get an enhancing which allows you to use the calendar search for up to 330 days now :D. In case you are and adventurist and want to try out the Japanese version, below are the instructions for domestic and international calendar search.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Temporary equipment change on Tokyo Narita - Jakarta flights

It's this time of the year again for Japan Airlines (JAL) to do maintenance work on its 777-300ER fleet with JAL Suites and Shell Flat NEO seats. And as usual, they will swap the 777 used on Tokyo Narita (NRT) - Jakarta (CGK) to the one with previous generation of First and Business class products, JAL Sky Sleeper Solo and JAL Shell Flat seats. Below is the period which JL725 and JL726 will be operated with W73 configuration

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JAL's first 787 is almost ready!

JAL's first 787 returned to Everette finish up the remaining work before delivery
JAL's first 787 returned to Everette finish up the remaining work before delivery (Source: Boeing)

Back in March, Boeing has flown Airplane #23, Japan Airlines' (JAL) first 787 (JA822J), from Everette to San Antonio to activate the San Antonia 787 production line. After 8 months of modifications, JA822J has finally returned back to Everette on Nov 13 to undergo the final stage of production.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finally a FLY ON Points, Miles and Award Calculator on JAL website

For some people, it has always been a hassle to calculate for the exact FLY ON Points (FOPs) you will get when you plan for a mileage run with JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) as JAL did not have a FOP calculator on its website. I use a excel spreadsheet for my FOP calculations and sometimes the results could be off by 1 if it's a new route that I have never flown on before. But all these have changed! Finally JAL has published an official FOP calculator for BOTH Japan region and non-Japan region JMB members in BOTH Japanese and English! :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

JAL to offer easy connection with Jet Blue flights from Boston [Updated 2]

JAL Tokyo-Boston 787 route connection options
JAL Tokyo-Boston 787 route connection options

[Update 2: JAL has put both the Japanese and English pages back up to their site] By now you should know that Japan Airlines (JAL) will be launching the first ever scheduled direct flight between Boston (BOS) and Tokyo Narita (NRT) with their brand new 787s on April 22 2012. They have just added announced their intention to work with Jet Blue Airways (B6) to provide better connections of their BOS flight. As usual, the JAL fares including B6 segments are still pending for approvals.

Monday, November 7, 2011

JAL Special 787 Delivery Tour at Boeing Factory

JAL 787 Special Delivery Tour at Seattle Boeing Factory
JAL 787 Special Delivery Tour at Seattle Boeing Factory (Source: JAL website)

Japan Airlines (JAL) has updated its 787 website with the following three new important piece of information regarding their 787.

1. When to expect an update on JAL 787
2. Tokyo Narita (NRT) - Boston (BOS) ticket sale details
3. JAL Special 787 Delivery Tour at Boeing Factory in Seattle

Friday, November 4, 2011

JAL temporarily reduce Osaka - Bangkok frequency due to the recent flooding

As you know, Bangkok tourism has been hit pretty hard by the recent flooding and air travel demand has remains weak to Bangkok. To adjust to the falling demand, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced they will temporarily reduce the frequency of flights between Osaka Kansai (KIX) and Bangkok (BKK).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

JAL Tokyo Haneda - San Francisco 1st Anniversary Commemorative Gift Campaign

Japan Airlines (JAL) San Francisco - Tokyo Haneda 1st anniversary commemorative gifts
Japan Airlines San Francisco - Tokyo Haneda 1st anniversary commemorative gifts

Time flies and it has been a year since Japan Airlines (JAL) resumed their first international route: Tokyo Haneda (HND) -San Francisco (SFO). To celebrate its 1st anniversary, JAL has launched a special campaign just for the passengers who fly on the SFO route (JL001/002). Passengers in business and premium economy classes will receive a JAL Original Leather Luggage Tag made by TUMI and those in economy class will receive a JAL original keyholder as shown in the picture above! Excited? Here's how you get these special gifts.