JAL to serve JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) onboard this winter


JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) served during winter
JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) served during winter (Source: JAL Press Release)

In order to bring passengers a sense of winter onboard, Japan Airlines (JAL) will start serving the JAL Original Air Nikuman, a special pork bun, onboard on select long-haul flights departing from Tokyo this winter between December 1 2011 and February 29 2012. This is to replace the current Air Mos Burger on the menu in Premium Economy and Economy classes.
The JAL Original Air Nikuman is a collaboration between JAL and Edosei, a famous restaurant established in Yokohama City's Chinatown established in 1894. Just like the Air Mos Burger, the Air Nikuman is a fancy version of the nikuman specially designed to be served onboard.

JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) stuffed with 100% Yamato Pork
JAL Original Air Nikuman (Special Pork Bun) stuffed with 100% Yamato Pork (Source: JAL Press Release)

The Air Nikuman is stuffed with 100% local bred Yamato Pork. The pork is roughly minced (8mm square vs the usual 5mm square) so it is more bite and juiciness than usual.

JAL and Edosei has developed a special skin made with dough kneaded with brown sugar to suit the steam oven onboard. A special skin is needed because inflight steam oven hotter than the usual steam oven and is set at 110-130℃. With this special twist, passengers can enjoy a unique softness of the buns together with the juicy minced stuffed inside.

Air Nikuman will come in a sealed far infrared sheet package to ensure the buns are served piping hot inside out! So make sure you don't burn yourself :p

Unfortunately just like the Air Mos Burger, Air Niuman is only served as the second meal in Premium Economy and Economy classes on select long-haul routes departing from Tokyo. It is not on the a la carte menus in Business and First classes in December. But JAL added Air Mos Burger to the Business class's a la carte menu a few months later, so there's still hope, just not in December according to the menu published (well we can still hope that it wasn't there because the menus were published before this announcement right? :p) If you want to try this Air Nukimen, fly on one of the flights below during during winter!

December 1 2011 - February 29 2012

JL006 Tokyo Narita - New York JFK
JL010 Tokyo Narita - Chicago
JL062 Tokyo Narita - Los Angeles
JL401 Tokyo Narita - London Heathrow
JL407 Tokyo Narita - Frankfurt

Premium Economy and Economy

To find out more, you can refer to JAL press release (Japanese, English)



  1. Hi, the "pork bun" you speak of is a Chasiu bao--Dim Sum. It's nice JAL thought of serving this onboard their short flights. Since, however, this entry was posted in 2011, perhaps no longer as the new JAL company is now in business and may have changed their menus entirely.

    Bon voyage.

  2. Matt,

    It's actually not Chasiu Bao. The sauce is different. JAL is still serving AIR SERIES onboard on these flights and the menu changes every 3 months. Right now JAL is serving AIR KFC till end of Feb and then it will change to AIR MOS Teriyaki Egg Burger for the next 3 months.