Sunday, February 27, 2011

JAL unveils first plane with new livery

Japan Airlines unveils the first plane with the new Tsurumaru livery. It organizes a special domestic tour to Hokkaido before its debut on international routes. Below are links to Japanese articles which includes some picture of the new 763 (JA654J). Also today JAL will have its last 747 flights. So keep an eye on the 747 retirement news :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2010-12-14 JL027 Trip Report Part II: Time to Shop like a Shopaholic...If You Can

Departure Hall of Haneda (HND) International Terminal
Departure Hall of Haneda International Terminal

So after taking all those check-in counter photos, there was still time left so I walked around a bit to check out the famous Edo Koji Zone, area for shops and restaurants modeled after the Edo period.

Incident: Four People Injured on JL074 when it Hit Sudden Turbulence [Updated]

Update: There were a total of 3 passengers and 1 crew member injured according to the note issued by JAL (Japanese only).

Japan Airlines (JAL) flight JL074 hit sudden turbulence when it was enroute to Honolulu on Feb 11 2011. Two people onboard were injured with broken bones as a result. According to,

One passenger broke their left thigh bone and a crew member suffered a broken right elbow, the spokesman said without giving further details.

It was a 767-300 plane and there were 239 passengers and 11 crew members onboard. That is a FULL HOUSE! JAL's 763 with A41 configuration only has 237 seats (30C 207Y) and there were 239 passengers! So there were infants/children onboard (I hope they didn't put people in the lav :p)

Make sure you fasten your seatbelt when resting!

Sources: (Japanese) (English)

Retirement tour of JAL A300-600R

JAL plan to organize a 2-day tour to celebrate the retirement of its A300-600R fleet on March 12 2011. The basic cost is JPY 21,800. You can add add-ons and select specific seats too. You will visit the HND hanger and take pictures on day 1, then on day two you will fly from HND to NGO. Reservation starts on Feb 16 10:30am. For details, please visit:

By the way this is the last Airbus type in JAL's fleet. As one of Boeing's most loyal customers, JAL never ordered any planes from Airbus. All these A300-600R's are acquired from JAS during the merger. After this, JAL is finally Airbus-free

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

JAL might switch to piece checked baggage allowance system on all international flights

Currently Japan Airlines (JAL) have two different systems for checked baggage allowance: piece system for flights to and from US and Canada, and weigh system for the rest of the flights. The same thing applies to ANA's flights. But ANA announced they will switch to piece system from April 1 2011 on all international flights, thus simplifying the system and arguably giving more check baggage allowances for other passengers. According to Asahi, JAL is considering to do the same thing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Request for post flight credit online after your international flights (Japan members only?)

At least for Japan region JMB members, you will be able to request your post-flight JMB miles online. JAL will roll out that feature in mid Feb. But this is limited to international flights only for now.

For JAL Group international flights, you can request the post flight credits from 5 days after your flight until the 6-month deadline.
For JMB partner flights, you can request the post flight credits from 14 days after your flight till 6 months after.

For details, you can refer to JAL website: (Japanese)

JAL organizes special tour for first flight with new Tsurumaru livery

Special Tour for JAL new livery
Special Tour for JAL new livery. Image by Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced more details on the roll out of their new Tsurumaru livery. Although they won't be changing the company logo until April 1 2011, the new livery will debut a month ahead of the change. JAL has just received a brand new 767-300ER (which happens to be the 999th production 767) with registration number JA654J. This will be the first plane with the new Tsurumaru livery. As you can see in the delivery video on KPAE Paine Field, the plane was delivered without finishing the paint job. Body was painted with the new livery's white but the rudder was painted with the on Arc of The Sun livery. JAL will do some painting before rolling this out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JAL Mileage Project 2011

JAL Mileage Project 2011
JAL Mileage Project 2011. Image by Japan Airlines.

Last year, to retain/attract more passengers, Japan Airlines (JAL) launched a bunch of mileage campaigns and called that JAL Mileage Project 2010. JAL has announced the continuation of such project this year, and to no surprise, it is called JAL Mileage Project 2011!

There are some "new" campaigns and some extended campaigns. But unfortunately some of the best campaigns are not available this year (think of the 2x miles, 2x elite bonuses, extra upgrade points, etc). Below are some of the campaigns