Incident: Four People Injured on JL074 when it Hit Sudden Turbulence [Updated]


Update: There were a total of 3 passengers and 1 crew member injured according to the note issued by JAL (Japanese only).

Japan Airlines (JAL) flight JL074 hit sudden turbulence when it was enroute to Honolulu on Feb 11 2011. Two people onboard were injured with broken bones as a result. According to,

One passenger broke their left thigh bone and a crew member suffered a broken right elbow, the spokesman said without giving further details.

It was a 767-300 plane and there were 239 passengers and 11 crew members onboard. That is a FULL HOUSE! JAL's 763 with A41 configuration only has 237 seats (30C 207Y) and there were 239 passengers! So there were infants/children onboard (I hope they didn't put people in the lav :p)

Make sure you fasten your seatbelt when resting!

Sources: (Japanese) (English)



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