JAL to offer discounted COVID-19 tests to domestic passengers


JAL FlySafe Commitment to keep passengers' safety as top priority. Image from Japan Airlines
JAL FlySafe Commitment to keep passengers' safety as top priority. Image from Japan Airlines


Japan Airlines (JAL) has been rolling out series of JAL FlySafe measures to try keep passengers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes measures such as hygiene and social distancing measures throughout the airport and onboard the aircrafts, complimentary COVID-19 coverage for international passengers, and pre-flight COVID-19 test for domestic dynamic package passengers. For a limited time, JAL will expand the domestic pre-flight test arrangement to all Japan region JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members who travel on eligible domestic fares.

The new offer is a drastic improvement over the existing one and differs in the following ways: 

1. It will only costs JPY2,000 plus postage to obtain your COVID-19 PCR test results. The existing offer costs JPY10,000 plus postage if you do not require a PCR test certificate.

2. Almost all Japan based JMB members are eligible when they travel domestically as opposed to the current offer which is only available to domestic dynamic package passengers only. The only exclusions are those who travel on some group discount tickets. 

JAL domestic COVID-19 PCR test flow
JAL domestic COVID-19 PCR test flow. Image from Japan Airlines

The PCR test administered are at-home saliva tests. Basically the lab will delivery an at-home saliva test-kit to your address. Following the instructions, you will collect the required saliva sample and then mail it back to the lab for analysis. Note that return postage is not included. The sample should be delivered at least 2 days before your departure date so that you can receive the results before your flight. You should receive your test results via email within 24 hours. 

With this deep discounted PCR test, JAL hopes that more domestic passengers will voluntarily test for COVID-19 prior to their flights and reduce they number of passengers who travel unknowingly with COVID-19. JAL also hopes this can increase customers' confidence in flying during the pandemic. 

Note that in order to obtain the test in this deep discounted price, you will have to register and request for the test kit at least 7 days before your flight. This means those who have last minute trips are not eligible for the discounted price. Also, PCR test certificate will not be provided either. 

JAL will start accepting test kit requests from 14:00 JST on March 8 2021 till June 23 2021. This essentially means domestic passengers who travel between March 15 and Jun 30 2021 are eligible for this offer. To find out more details, please refer to JAL website (Japanese only)



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