Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello new logo :)

Hello new logo :) JAL has officially switched to the new crane logo today and the website has been updated since midnight JST


JAL website with the new logo
JAL website with the new logo


JAL website with the old logo
JAL website with the old logo

Changes to JMB programs after JBV with AA on Apr 1 2011

When Japan Airlines (JAL) and American Airlines (AA) start their JBV on April 1, rules to JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) will change and JMB members will get more our of AA flights :) Below are the details

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In order to route resources and aircraft to operate to Tohoku region relief flights, Japan Airlines (JAL) has to temporarily suspend some of its domestic flights. Depends are below. All cancellations are operated by 73H, which is the aircraft JAL will use to increase capacity to Tohoku region.

Effective March 27 - May 31
HND-CTS JL3931 09:55-11:30 will be replaced by JL511 10:30-12:05
HND-CTS JL3933 14:55-16:30 will be replaced by JL521 15:30-17:05
CTS-HND JL3932 12:15-13:50 will be replaced by JL510 13:00-14:35
CTS-HND JL3934 18:20-19:55 will be replaced by JL524 19:00-20:35
HND-OKA JL3947 15:20-18:00 will be replaced by JL923 15:55-18:35
OKA-HND JL3948 19:50-22:10 will be replaced by JL924 20:05-22:25

Effective April 1 and April 3
HND-OKA JL3945 06:20-09:00 will be replaced by JL901 06:20-09:00
OKA-HND JL3946 12:55-15:15 will be replaced by JL910 13:35-15:55

Source: JAL website (in Japanese)

Monday, March 28, 2011

JAL emerges from bankruptcy but future is still cloudy!

Just a bit of good news. Japan Airlines (JAL) finally emerges from bankruptcy protection today. JAL has procured 254.96 billion yen and made full repayment of the 395.15 billion rehabilitation debts. It will raise 12.7 billion yen through third party allotment of common shared but has no plans for additional financing right now.

Although it finally emerges from bankruptcy, the outlook is still cloudy due to the sharp drop in demand caused by the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake and the nuclear crisis. JAL saw 28% drop in domestic passengers and 25% drop in international ones. While ANA only saw 25% and 15% drop in domestic and international passengers respectively. JAL is hit way harder on international side than ANA :(


JAL temporarily reduce frequency and capacity on some routes due to the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake

Japan Airliens (JAL) has announced a temporary frequency and capacity reduction on some of the international routes (and 1 domestic route) as a result of the weak demand caused by the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake. Below is the list of changes

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 17-Schedules of JAL's extra flights to/from Tohoku region

Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced the extra flights between March 17 and 26. ALL scheduled flights to/from HNA are now resumed. Below are the schedules.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 16 Extra Flights and Increased Capacity on Schedule Flights

Japan Airlines (JAL) has released the schedules of the extra flights to Tohoku region on March 16. They have also decided to increase the capacity on the scheduled flights between March 16 and 26. Below are the details

Sunday, March 13, 2011

JAL to operate special flights to Tohoku region

JAL will operate some special flights to Tohoku region and support the earthquake rescue as much as possible. They have announced the flight schedules for March 13-15 on its website (Japanese only). Below are the schedules for these dates in English. JAL is still reviewing schedule for March 16 and after.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest JAL flight status affected by earthquake [Update 1]

UPDATE: ALL ex-NRT flights on March 11 2011 are now canceled. HND only accepts landing at the moment.

JAL International flights affected by the 8.9 earthquake can be found on MilePoint. I have made the screen captures for international flights affected and their status. JAL site was a bit congested just now for status search. So if you don't have immediate need for the latest flight status, you can visit MilePoint for the info.

For domestic flight status, you can visit here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

JAL announces change to elite extra checked baggage allowance from April 1

Japan Airlines is unifying its checked baggage rules from April 1 on international flights. All flights will be under the new piece system. Now JAL has announced the updated elite benefits under the new baggage rules.

JGC/JMB Diamond/JGC Premier/JGC Sapphire:
Weigh System: 20kg extra -> 20 kg extra (i.e. no change)
Piece System (in Y): 2x23kg extra (i.e. total of 4x23kg) -> 1x32kg extra (i.e. total of 1x32kg and 2x23kg)
Piece System (in C/F): 2x32kg extra (i.e. total of 4x32kg) -> 1x32kg extra (i.e. total of 4x32kg)

JMB Crystal (no change):
Weigh System: 10kg
Piece System: 1 piece extra (23kg per piece in Y and 32 kg per piece in C/F)

Basically it doesn't affect you if you are flying C/F. But you gain a bigger allowance for 1 piece but lose an extra piece when you fly in Y.

I have mixed feelings about this change. On one hand I get one 32kg piece if I am flying in Y but on the other hand, now I only have 3 pieces (1x32kg + 2x23kg) :(

Source: JAL website (Japanese)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First JAL 787 took off

JAL's 787 (JA822J) is the first with GE powered engines to fly and will activate the new facility in Texas. First flight took off today. Too bad I guess no more update on this JAL 787 from KPAE blog after the first flight (Note that this plane has been painted with the old Arc of The Sun livery long time ago and will be delivered in this livery to JAL)

Source: Flight Global