Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In order to route resources and aircraft to operate to Tohoku region relief flights, Japan Airlines (JAL) has to temporarily suspend some of its domestic flights. Depends are below. All cancellations are operated by 73H, which is the aircraft JAL will use to increase capacity to Tohoku region.

Effective March 27 - May 31
HND-CTS JL3931 09:55-11:30 will be replaced by JL511 10:30-12:05
HND-CTS JL3933 14:55-16:30 will be replaced by JL521 15:30-17:05
CTS-HND JL3932 12:15-13:50 will be replaced by JL510 13:00-14:35
CTS-HND JL3934 18:20-19:55 will be replaced by JL524 19:00-20:35
HND-OKA JL3947 15:20-18:00 will be replaced by JL923 15:55-18:35
OKA-HND JL3948 19:50-22:10 will be replaced by JL924 20:05-22:25

Effective April 1 and April 3
HND-OKA JL3945 06:20-09:00 will be replaced by JL901 06:20-09:00
OKA-HND JL3946 12:55-15:15 will be replaced by JL910 13:35-15:55

Source: JAL website (in Japanese)


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