Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JAL Arsashi Jet 2011 Jet No.2 Revealed

昼間、羽田で撮った鶴丸、遠くてよくわからなかったけど、拡大してみると嵐JETみたいな…(^^;; on Twitpic
(JAL Arashi Jet 2 (JA8982). Picture Source: @y3z9haisai)

Japan Airlines has launched JAL Arashi Jet 2 as planned on July 26 2011. And JAL Arashi Jet 2 is actually the same plane used as the first JAL Arashi Jet last year with registration JA8982! Both Arashi Jet 1 and Jet 2 have the same livery. The only way to distinguish them are by their registration number (JA772J vs JA8982)

Below are more links to pictures of JAL Arashi Jet 2:
riepink3104 san's album on

Monday, July 25, 2011

JAL Arashi Jet 2 Update

JAL will be launching JAL Arashi Jet 2 on time on July 26 2011. It could be just some miscommunication yesterday on its website. For now, looks like JAL Arashi Jet 2 won't have a fixed schedule. JAL will announce the Arashi Jet 2 schedule on a daily basis, at 18:00 JST. Detail schedule can be found on JAL website (Japanese only). Below is Arashi Jet 2's schedule for tomorrow

JAL503 HND 0730 - CTS 0910
JAL504 CTS 1000 - HND 1135
JAL315 HND 1225 - FUK 1410
JAL320 FUK 1500 - HND 1640
JAL525 HND 1730 - CTS 1905
JAL526 CTS 2000 - HND 2140

Of course, just like any other flights, JAL might make a last minute swap due to maintenance and operational reasons and can't 100% guarantee you will see Arashi on your plane.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

JAL Arashi Jet 2011 Took Off [Updated with videos]

As reported yesterday, Japan Airlines (JAL) is launching the new JAL Arashi Jet today. Below is a picture of it taking off as JAL515 from Haneda (HND) to Chitose (CTS). As you can see, the plane used as JAL Arashi Jet 1 is JA772J (probably because they have already painted this plane with the new livery :p). Please note that this is not the first flight of the Arashi Jet but that's the only photo I could find for now :)

JAL Arashi Jet 1(Picture Source: NAGA from twipple)

Below are more videos and pictures of JAL Arashi Jet 1

Saturday, July 23, 2011

JAL Arashi Jet 2011

JAL Arashi Jet with new JAL livery
JAL Arashi Jet with new JAL livery. Image by Japan Airlines.

Yes, Asahi Jet is back! Japan Airlines will be bringing back the popular Arashi livery this summer. And they will be painting TWO (yes TWO!) 777-200 with this special Arashi livery. Both JAL Arashi Jets will be flying domestically between July 25 2011 (July 26 for JAL Arashi Jet 2 if it's not delayed) and Jan 2012. They will be used on HND-ITM, HND-CTS, HND-FUK, and HND-OKA routes. Below are the planned schedules for Arashi Jet 1 till end of September