JAL Arsashi Jet 2011 Jet No.2 Revealed


昼間、羽田で撮った鶴丸、遠くてよくわからなかったけど、拡大してみると嵐JETみたいな…(^^;; on Twitpic
(JAL Arashi Jet 2 (JA8982). Picture Source: @y3z9haisai)

Japan Airlines has launched JAL Arashi Jet 2 as planned on July 26 2011. And JAL Arashi Jet 2 is actually the same plane used as the first JAL Arashi Jet last year with registration JA8982! Both Arashi Jet 1 and Jet 2 have the same livery. The only way to distinguish them are by their registration number (JA772J vs JA8982)

Below are more links to pictures of JAL Arashi Jet 2:
riepink3104 san's album on photozou.jp



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