JAL announces 12.7 billion yen net profit in first quarter


We knew Japan Airlines (JAL) is going to has an operating profit this quarter because JAL President told the press about it last month during the monthly press conference. We just didn't know how much. And they finally reveal it today! JAL made a 12.7 billion yen net profit and 17.1 billion yen operating profit in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011! And guess what? Although All Nippon Airways (ANA), JAL's direct competitor, had a much lower drop in passenger numbers than JAL, they still saw an 8.4 billion yen loss :p Below are some highlights of the first quarter results.

  • Operating profit of 17.1 billion yen and a net profit of 12.7 billion yen
  • Total operating revenues of 254.9 billion yen
  • Overall international travel demand in terms of revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) declined 40.2% y.o.y. 
  • International load factor declined 11.0 percentage points y.o.y. to 61.1%
  • Operating revenue from the international passenger segment is 78.8 billion yen, representing 30.9% of total operating revenues
  • Based on RPK, domestic travel demand decreased 29% y.o.y.
  • Domestic load factor decreased 1.9% y.o.y. yo 56.1%
  • 100.4 billion yen in operating revenues from the domestic passenger segment, representing 39.4% of total operating revenues
  • In terms of revenue cargo ton-kilometer (RCTK), demand this first quarter versus the first quarter last year is 53.9% down, with operating revenues of 13.8 billion yen

Congratulations on a job well done (well for charging us so much more compared to other carriers LOL) and keep up the good work (ok...just not the over charging part :p)! But one thing I noticed though, ANA beats JAL in total revenue now, so I guess JAL is no longer the largest carrier in Asia based on revenue. Oh well revenue isn't everything, I will take bigger profit over bigger revenue on any day :)

You can find more details from JAL press release (Japanese, English)



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