26th Anniversary of JAL123 Accident


Today marks the 26th anniversary of Japan Airlines (JAL) flight 123 accident. It is still the world's most deadly single-aircraft accident till today. 524 passengers and crew members were killed with only 4 survivors when the 747 lost control and crashed into Ridge of Osutaka at 6:56PM. Investigation showed the accident was caused by faulty repair conducted by Boeing.

Just like previous years, the bereaved relatives and friends gathered at the crash site to offer prayers for their loved ones. JAL President Masaru Onishi who was heavily involved in the aftermath of the JL123 accident also climbed the mountain with others to offer his prayer. He said JAL will focus on flight safety and avoid accidents like this to happen again.

Let's hope all airlines and crew members will do the same and put flight safety as their top priority all the time.

Sankei via msn



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