Sunday, September 30, 2012

JAL launches social media campaign to promote SKY SUITE 777

JAL SKY SUITE 777 social media campaign
JAL SKY SUITE 777 social media campaign. Image from Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) has just launched a social media campaign to promote their new cabins and services to be launched on the Tokyo Narita - London Heathrow route in January 2013. All you have to do is to post some messages with your Facebook, Twitter, or Mixi account and you will be entered into the lucky draw for one of the three great prizes.

Friday, September 28, 2012

JAL announced BA joint business details with reciprocal frequent flyer program benefits

As we know, Japan Airlines (JAL) and British Airways (BA) have received approval from authorities and will start their joint business from October 1 2012. JAL has just announced the details of the joint business and more importantly the enhanced JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) benefits that comes with the new joint business. Basically, the agreement is very similar to the one we saw with American Airlines (AA) with comes with elite flight bonus and enhanced accumulation rates. Below are the details.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

JAL announces Tokyo-Singapore route 787 rollout schedule

When JAL announced their 2nd half route, fleet and frequency plan, they only mentioned the existing flights on the Tokyo-Sinapore routes will be switching from 763 to 787 in mid October. Now JAL has finally released the full 787 rollout schedule on this route. The rollout will be on October 14 2012 with 3 weekly flights operated with 787-8 on both of the Tokyo Narita (NRT) and Tokyo Haneda (HND) flights. It will turn into a daily 787-8 service from October 28 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sampling oneworld Premium Services: American Airlines Los Angeles to New York JFK Business Class Cabin

AA32 on June 2 2012
AA32 on June 2 2012

AA32 flight path (Source: FlghtAware)

Flight: AA32
Date: June 2 2012
Aircraft: Boeing 767-200
Seat: 7A (Business Class)
Scheduled Departure Time: 13:45
Actual Departure Time: 13:40
Scheduled Arrival Time: 22:07
Actual Arrival Time: 21:58

The boarding time listed on my boarding pass is 13:15, 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. So I walked over to gate 46A at around 13:15 and was expecting a line and chaos around the gate. To my surprise, AA had finished boarding everyone who waited at the gate already!? There was again no line at the gate. I guess they must have started boarding much earlier. And the flight ended up departing right on time and arrived JFK a bit early! (Somehow FlightAware's departure and arrival times are different than the ones listed on AA website)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

JAL temporarily reduce frequency on some routes between Japan and China

Due to the recent political conflicts between China and Japan, there's an irregular change in travel demand between the two countries. As part of the restructuring effort, Japan Airlines (JAL) has adapted a system such that they can act fast to respond to sudden change in travel demand like this. As a result, JAL has decided to temporarily reduce the frequency on 3 of its routes between China and Japan.

Sampling oneworld Premium Services: American Airlines Los Angeles Check-In and Admirals Club

American Airlines Premium and Elite Check-In Counters at LAX
American Airlines Premium and Elite Check-In Counters at LAX

I felt a bit weird going to LAX and not to fly on Japan Airlines (JAL) as I don't travel domestically that much. American Airlines (AA) uses terminal 4 at LAX. The premium check-in counters for First and Business class passengers and Priority AAccess check-in counters for elite members are located on the left hand side of the terminal. Counters for the main cabin and self check-in kiosks are on the right hand side of the terminal. AA partitioned off the premium/elite check-in area and there was an agent there checking for your eligibility which I don't see the point as there are main doors from the curb side that anyone can use to access that check-in area LOL.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

JAL to issue a co-branded credit card with JR Kyushu

JMB JQ SUGOCA Card (Source: JAL Press Release)

Japan Airlines (JAL) and JR Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) have decided to form partnership and issue a co-braned credit card called "JMB JQ SUGOCA". It combines the JAL Mileage Bank, JAL IC, JQ Card, and SUGOCA functions into a single card.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

JAL to roll out new uniforms in first half of fiscal year 2013

JAL Group has decided to roll out new uniforms for all employees in the air transportation organizations in the first half of 2013. By doing so, all employees will have a consistent designs of uniforms because right now some employees still have uniforms with the old logos! Details of the design will be announced in a later date but JAL has reveals the concepts and goals behind the design.

Friday, September 14, 2012

JAL to open new international lounges at Tokyo Narita and to refurbish a handful of existing lounges

The new JAL First Class Lounge at Tokyo Narita
The new JAL First Class Lounge at Tokyo Narita (Source: JAL Press Release)

According to Japan Airlines' (JAL) mid term management plan, JAL is planning to refurbish some of its lounges in Japan and overseas. They have just announced the list of lounges they plan to refurbish during the current fiscal year. Also due to lounge congestion at Tokyo Narita (NRT) during the busy morning departure hours, JAL will also be opening a brand new JAL First Class Lounge and Sakura Lounge at terminal 2 for international passengers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JAL releases more details and pictures of the new 777-300ER cabins and services from Jan 2013 [Updated]

JAL introduces new cabins on SKY SUITE 777
JAL introduces new cabins on SKY SUITE 777 (Source: JAL website)

[Update 3: JAL has announced the launch date and released the official seat map of the SS7. You can refer to this post for more details.]
[Update 2: Japanese version of the official press release is now up on JAL website and the special page on JAL website is now LIVE!]
[Update: JAL has removed the linked press release from their website as the press release is dated Sep 13 2012 (tomorrow). So expect an official reveal and website updates tomorrow]

Finally Japan Airlines (JAL) has released the details, including pictures of the brand new cabins and services to be rolled out in January 2013. The theme of the new cabins and services is "Welcome! New Sky". With this, JAL aims to provide its customers fresh new impressions and therefore started this JAL NEW SKY PROJECT to renew their international services which includes brand new cabins to provide highest quality products in all classes on the entire Boeing 777-300ER. Other than that, JAL will renew its inflight catering services under the concept of "Restaurant in the Sky" and provide new menus on flights to Europe, North America, Australia and South East Asia. They have selected a dream team of 4 chefs to create exclusive menus just for JAL passengers.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flight number changes on some JAL international flights from March 31 2013

Japan Airlines (JAL) plans to change some of their international flight numbers to help customers better remember and recognize the flights. But compared to the complete overhaul JAL made back in May 2 2009, the changes this time are very minor. They are trying to assign 1-2 digit codes to international flights to international flights to and from Tokyo Haneda (HND), and mainly 3 digit ones on those to and from Tokyo Narita (NRT), Osaka Kansai (KIX) and Nagoya Chubu (NGO). Note that some of the continental US flights and as well as Canada ones to and from NRT will maintain their current 2 digit codes for now. Below are the changes effective March 31 2013.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Double mileage campaign on Tokyo Narita - San Diego route

As expected, Japan Airlines (JAL) is celebrating the launch of the new Tokyo Narita (NRT) - San Diego (SAN) route with a double mileage campaign! JAL Mileage Bank members who have registered for this campaign and fly on this route between December 2 2012 and February 28 2013 are eligible. Below are the details of this campaign.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

JAL to align fares and codeshare with BA on flights between Tokyo and London

Japan Airlines (JAL) and British Airways (BA) have reached an agreement to finally expand their existing codesharing agreement to cover the flights between Tokyo and London. Starting from October 1 2012, JAL and BA will be placing their codes on each other's flights and offer joint fares between the two cities. This probably brings them one step closer to their intended joint business venture.