JAL and Mos Burger to serve AIR MOS RICE BURGER on select flights


JAL AIR MOS RICE BURGER (Source: JAL Press Release)

About a year ago, Japan Airlines (JAL) launched something called the AIR SERIES on its international flights. Through tie-ups with well-know Japanese restaurants and food chains, JAL has created a series of special in-flight meals for its passengers. The first of the AIR SERIES was the AIR MOS BURGER, which is a teriyaki beef burger collaborated with MOS Burger and is served between June and November 2011 on select flights. To celebrate the anniversary of the AIR SERIES, it's only fitting for JAL to collaborate with MOS Burger again.

When I think of Japanese burger (or MOS Burger), it always reminds me of their very special rice burger. What makes the rice burgers special is that Instead of using bread buns, they replace them with rice patties. I was actually surprised that JAL didn't launch the AIR SERIES with the rice burger :P

JAL AIR MOS RICE BURGER (Source: JAL Press Release)

The AIR MOS RICE BURGER is actually adapted from MOS Rice Burger Kinpira. It is basically a rice burger with mixed vegetables and chicken strips (yea no meat patties either :P). The fillings which consist of burdock, lotus root, carrot, oyster mushrooms, black sesame and Japanese chili pepper are sautéed in a light soy sauce and sweet miso paste (sounds Japanese right?)

Instead of french fries which are served with the rice burger in the stores, JAL will serve the rice burger together with Poteko made by Tohato. I don't think there are anything special about the Poteko other than its special JAL AIR MOS special packaging though.

AIR MOS RICE BURGER will be available on flights departing from Tokyo Narita to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Frankfurt between June 1 and August 31 2012. The Tokyo Narita - Boston flight, JL008, will be added to the list from July 1 because of the Air MisDo currently served on this flight to celebrate the launch of the Boston route. As usual, passengers traveling in Economy and Premium Economy classes will enjoy the AIR MOS RICE BURGER as their second meal before arrival. Business and First class passengers will be able to order this from the a la carte menu after the first meal service.

For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese, English)



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