Monday, November 30, 2009

JAL to cease operations at Shinshu-Matsumoto airport

Japan Airlines will move out of Shinshu-Matsumoto airport from June 1 2010. According to the press release (in Japanese), JAL will suspend all three routes at Shinshu-Matsumoto airport. Currently JAL operates 4 weekly flights to Sapporo, 3 weekly flights to Fukouka, and 1 daily flight to Itami.

Cease of JAL First Class Lounge and Sakura Lounge operation at London Heathrow

Japan Airlines will cease its operations of the JAL First Class Lounge and Sakura Lounge at London Heathrow airport from December 14 2009. Eligible passengers will be invited to use the British Airways' Galleries First and Galleries Club lounges instead.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JAL asks for bridging loan

Japan Airlines has just issued a press release confirming its application for an emergency bridging loan.

JAL showing "This Is It" on January flights

Japan Airlines will be showing This Is It on its January flights. It will be on Channel 2 of the MAGIC systems. For details you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only)

Monday, November 23, 2009

More days with W73 operation on NRT-SFO route

Japan Airlines sneakily update the aircraft change announcement once again (see SFO got screwed once again). JAL added January 1-8 2010 as the dates which NRT-SFO will see W73 configuration instead of W82. In other words, no JAL Suites nor NEO seats. Only Solo and Shell Flat on those days. I wonder what's going on. Is it SFO's business class booking is so low that JAL want to use a 773 with a larger Y cabin or it is really due to aircraft maintenance. Either way, I am glad that I am not based on SFO as JAL seems to pick on them all the time LOL

JAL extends the “FLY ON Program“ Point Bonus Campaign once again

As expected, Japan Airlines extends the "FLY ON Program" Point Bonus Campaign to next year. JAL has updated its Japanese website but not the English one yet. For details, you can refer to here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

2nd Anniversary of JAL Domestic First Class

This coming December will mark the 2nd anniversary of Japan Airlines domestic First class. JAL first introduced the domestic First class on December 1 2007 on Haneda-Itami route. It is the first domestic First class service offered in Japan. Passengers can upgrade from economy class by paying a surcharge of 8,000 yen at check-in. To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, JAL is giving out free gifts to all of its domestic first class passengers in the month of December.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let the JAL bidding war begin

Delta and other Skyteam members have officially made a bidding on Japan Airlines yesterday. They made a preliminary offer of $1.02 billion. On the other hand AA and TPG were rumored to offer $1.46 billion of investment for JAL.

JAL has only enough cash to cover 10 more days of operation?

Times Online reports that Japan Airlines may only have enough cash to cover 10 more days of operations!

Japan Airlines (JAL), which may have only enough cash to fund ten more days of operation, could be allowed to go bankrupt if a rescue package does not emerge quickly, the Government hinted yesterday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Termination of newspaper service

Say goodbye to a free newspapers if you are flying on Japan Airlines Economy (domestic and international) and domestic J class seats. JAL will terminate the free newspaper service starting from January 4 2010. However, the service will continue in First class (domestic and international), Executive class (international), and Premium Economy class. You can refer to JAL website for details. I wonder how much this can save JAL this time :)

32.18 billion yen loss in second quarter

Japan Airlines has just announced its second quarter earning. JAL reports a 32.18 billion loss in the quarter ending September, revenue decreased 29% to 764 billion yen and passenger yield declined 35.5% and 1.9% for international and domestic flights respectively . Last year JAL made a profit of 40.09 billion yen in the same quarter last year. However, June-August 2008 is before the current economic crisis. Not sure if we can just simply compare the y.o.y data. But this is definitely better than last quarter's 99 billion yen loss. JAL also scrapped its whole year earning forecast because it is currently undergoing a restructuring. Another news is JAL confirmed its application to alternative debt resolution so that it will have enough $ for its daily operation. For details you can refer to JAL Press Release

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

JAL to introduce Premium Economy cabin on Sydney route

Japan Airlines will introduce Premium Economy service on Tokyo-Sydney route from December 1 2009.

This probably has to do with JAL's suspension of the second Narita-Heathrow flight (JL403/404) starting from December 7 2009. The once daily flight is operated with a 777-200ER aircraft with W51 configuration.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Snacks on JAL flights

JAL Business Class snacks
JAL Business Class snacks

Here are some pictures of the snacks available on Japan Airlines flights. The two snacks below are Baked Cheese Stick with Seafood Flavor and Almond, and the Rice Crackers.

LAX business class passengers can now use the Oneworld lounge

Japan Airlines has updated its lounge usage policy at LAX.

According to JAL website, JAL business class passengers are invited to use the Oneworld lounge instead of Los Angeles International Lounge, the non-alliance/Eva's lounge starting from October 25 2009. I would say this is an upgrade of lounge service for business class passengers. This is probably has to do with the lounge of the Premium Economy cabin on LAX route. This differentiate the lounge service offered to the passengers in the two different cabins.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rumor: JAL to suspend 16 routes by June

Bloomberg reports that has a article regarding coming Japan Airlines flight suspensions. According to the report/rumor, JAL will suspend 16 international and domestic routes by June. JAL will submit the plan to transport ministry after getting JAL's board approval this week.

JAL has received the third 773 finally

According to the European Airline Scene blog, JA743J left Paine Field for delivery to Japan Airlines on October 28. It flown to Narita as JL7901. So JAL now finally has received all 3 773's this year. We will see JA743J in service very soon. Let's see if I am lucky enough to fly on it on my next flight :)

JA743J wasn't quite ready yet

As of October 6, JA743J, third and last 777-300ER to be delivered to Japan Airlines, wasn't quite ready for delivery yet.

December movie list on JAL flights

You can find the December movie list on Japan Airlines flights on their website. The only movie from last month are ThHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the rest are all new! Below are the movies available on MAGIC-I and II.