JAL stock hits record low thanks to Japan Transport Minister


Thanks to Japan Transport Minister, Seiji Maehara, Japan Airlines stock hit record low of 94 yen today.

Maehara said bankruptcy is NOT an option back in back in September now claims he has NEVER said that. According to translation from The Wall Street Journal,

"I haven't said legal liquidation (of JAL) won't happen. What I have said is there can't be a chance of (JAL's) failure and disappearance," Japan's Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Seiji Maehara told a transport committee in the Lower House of parliament.

Don't play the wording game with us Maehara. Even Nikkei.com translates your original comment as bankruptcy is not an option. It seems to me you made that comment prematurely and now regret about that. You new comment just make people in panic mode and is NOT helping JAL at all. All I see you have done since you took over was you dismissed the original expert panel and delays and delays of a concrete restructuring plan. It's time for you to show me some real work you have done.



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