Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Japanese government got JAL's back

To end the "excessive anxiety" over Japan Airlines' fate, Japan aviation minister Seiji Maehara told the press that the Japanese government will step in to save JAL in the worst case.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Discontinuation of JALPAK gift USA and Introduction of JAL Shopping Americas

It's sad, Japan Airlines will discontinue JALPAK gift U.S.A. effective October 1 2009. JAL will introduce "JAL Shopping Americas" as the replacement. JMB members will still able to earn miles on the new site, 1 mile for every $2 (and $1 for JAL Family Club members).

JAL NEW route and frequency INCREASE (no this is NOT a typo)

Japan Airlines has announced a new route in its domestic network. Also found in the press release are the flight informations of the frequency increases announced earlier. And no this is NOT a typo LOL

"Useless" double mile campaign

Japan Airlines Mileage Bank has expanded the double miles promotion of premium classes on US flights to other regions.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New curry offering on the ala carte menu

Japan Airlines is cooperating with Tokyo Curry Lab and will be offering a new curry dish on its ala carte menu.

Aviation minister and lenders not happy with JAL's plan

Japan Airlines CEO presented the restructuring plan to the new Japan Aviation Chief on Thursday but it failed to satisfy him and some other government officials.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

JAL is the first heavy aircraft to takeoff at the extended runway B

Narita Airport is currently extending its runway B to 2500m long, which will then allow heavy aircrafts to takeoff and land on the runway. Japan Airlines' charter flight departs at 07:00 to Hakodate will be the first heavy plane to use the extended runway, which is scheduled to open on October 22.

JAL CEO is summoned by the new Transport Minister

The new Japan Transport Minister Seiji Maehara will summon Japan Airlines CEO Haruka Nishimatsu on Thursday. Nishimatsu will present JAL restructuring plan (again).

Rumor: 600 job cuts in JAL maintenance unit

According to Nikkan Kogyo newspaper, Japan Airlines will slash 600 maintenance jobs, roughly equals to 10% of the maintenance work force, by end of March 2012. The cut will begin on October 1 when JAL merges its four maintenance units.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

JAL axes Kansai-Dalian flights

Japan Airlines has announced further revision of its route and flight frequency plan for the second half of fiscal year 2009. The daily Osaka (Kaisai)-Dalian fight will be discontinued on October 25 2009. Leaving the daily Tokyo (Narita)-Dalian as the only JAL flight connecting Dalian.

Source: JAL Press Release

Bankruptcy is NOT an option for JAL

It worries me a bit when the new Japan transport minister Seiji Maehara said he will replace Japan Airlines' restructuring panel. It was just a waste of time, especially when JAL CEO has just presented their plan to the panel the day before :( But at the press conference today Maehara made a strong statement.

JAL extends Super Discounted Upgrade Award Promotion in other regions

I just got off the phone with JMB reservation agent to reserve my upgrade award and it only costs me 10,000 miles for a one-way transpacific upgrade :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JAL is extending the SUPER Discounted Upgrade Award

Japan Airlines is extending the Super Discounted Upgrade Promotion till the end of the year (at least for the JMB Japan members).

Rumor: BA and AF are entering the JAL bidding war!?!?

The latest rumor suggests British Airways and possibly Qantas are entering the bidding war of Japan Airlines. If this is true, looks like Oneworld and Skyteam are fighting hard for JAL to stay in their alliance. And JAL ECO, Haruka Nishimatsu, confirmed the tie-up talks with different carriers but he also mentioned JAL will most likely choose ONE airlines for the tie-up.

Monday, September 14, 2009

24 routes suspensions and 6000 personnel cut

The 24 routes include both international and domestic. For international routes, most of them are Narita/Kaisai-China routes...more to follow later

Source: 47 News (Japanese only)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

AA is fighting for JAL

American Airlines IS fighting for Japan Airlines too. They are not going to just throw in the white towel and let Delta and Air France steal JAL from them. AA is proposing a business joint venture and seek anti-trust immunity with JAL so they will be able to work closer together to maximize their profits.

Rumor: JAL wants Air France-KLM's $$ too!

NHK has released more information about the Japan Airlines possible financial tie-up with other airlines. It now reports JAL is looking for tie-up not only with Delta, but with Air France-KLM too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rumor: JAL x Delta: Delta become biggest JAL shareholder!?!?!

According to NHK, JAL and Delta are in talks of capital tie-up. From "news flash" on NHK website:

Financially struggling Japan Airlines has entered negotiations to form a capital tie-up with US carrier Delta Airlines in order to receive large-scale capital assistance, NHK has learned.

Online reservation for Cathay, Dragon Air and Qantas using JMB miles

Japan Airlines has updated its online reservation system for award tickets. JMB members can now make award reservations on Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air and Qantas via JMB member page, 24/7. Just login, you will see the new "JMB Partner Airlines Award Ticket Reservation" button on the main page. No more calling to JMB and wait forever in order to make a partner award reservation on CX, KA and QF (not that I am planning to LOL)

Source: JAL Japan (Japanese only)

JAL's "Let's Do Something" movement

The younger employees of Japan Airlines have initiated a "Let's Do Something" movement to save JAL. In response to this, JAL has decided to do something-to distribute flyers on the street LOL

Thursday, September 10, 2009

JAL extends Fly On Point bonus campaign for Japan members once again

Once again, Japan Airlines extends the bonus Fly On Point (FOP) campaign which they have been running since April 1 2009. Japan JMB members can enjoy this campaign until the end of year and has a better chance to qualify as a JAL most frequent flyers (aka elite members).

More JAL route suspensions

Japan Airlines has announced more route suspensions in both of the international and cargo network. Also, JAL has announced the schedule of the new Haneda-Beijing route.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Rumor: JAL may sell shares in JALways

More Japan Airlines restructure rumors. This time it's about selling shares in JALways, which mainly operates resort flights, to raise capital.

Temporary JAL check-in counters relocation at PVG

Due to renovation, Japan Airlines' check-in counters will be relocated to a different area at Shanghai Pudong International Airport temporary.

JAL's check-in counters currently are located at the M aisle (no.1 to 10). Between September 17 and October 28 2009, the counters will be relocated to aisle K (no.1 to 10) instead. For details and the map of the check-in area, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Volume 20 of JAL Today's Topic - Unicef

Japan Airlines has uploaded volume 20 of their Today's Topic, the video you see onboard on JAL flights. The topic this time is Unicef.

Rumor: JAL is selling its stake in Hokkaido Air System

According to The Japan Times, Japan Airlines is going to sell most of its shares in Hokkaido Air System, which currently is a consolidated subsidiary of JAL.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September JAL wallpapers and inflight menus

Japan Airlines has updated its website with the September wallpapers and the menus on its international flights.

October movie list on JAL flights

You can find the October movie list on Japan Airlines flights on their website. The only movie from last month are Angels & Demons and The Proposal, the rest are all new! Below are the movies available on MAGIC-I and II.

Free access to at JAL Narita lounges

Starting from September 1, Japan Airlines is offering FREE access to, a english news portal, at JAL First class and Sakura lounges at Narita.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JAL finally introduces ticketing service fee in overseas regions

Japan Airlines has announced the introduction of ticketing service fee in overseas regions starting October 1 2009. The ticketing fee was first introduced the ticketing service fee in Japan on April 1 2009. I am actually surprised they haven't rolled out to the other regions sooner.