JAL's "Let's Do Something" movement


The younger employees of Japan Airlines have initiated a "Let's Do Something" movement to save JAL. In response to this, JAL has decided to do something-to distribute flyers on the street LOL

65 JAL pilots, mechanics, and cabin attendants dressed in their uniforms to distribute flyers in Yurakucho, asking pedestrians to fly with JAL. They started this on Wednesday and continued to do so in early evening on Thursday and Friday morning. JAL's President Mr. Haruka Nishimatsu (yes, the CEO who takes bus to work, lines up at the cafeteria to eat, and makes less money than JAL pilots) participated on Friday.

That's what I am talking about. JAL employees need to do something and be more involved in saving the company. If I were in Japan, I would have gone there to show them my support. For now, all I can do is to continue to give JAL my money and fly more. I hope they are not losing money on my deep discount tickets LOL

Source: The Mainichi Daily News



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