JAL NEW route and frequency INCREASE (no this is NOT a typo)


Japan Airlines has announced a new route in its domestic network. Also found in the press release are the flight informations of the frequency increases announced earlier. And no this is NOT a typo LOL

After all those route cuts and frequency reductions news, JAL has announced a new route connecting Tokyo Narita and Naha (Okinawa), and frequency increase on Narita-Fukuoka and Narita-Nagoya Chubu routes. This is mainly to improve Narita's connectivity.

JAL will operate a once daily flight between Narita and Naha from January 5 2010. The flights will be operated as domestic flights (i.e. International passengers have to go through custom procedure before boarding these flights). Aircraft information is unavailable but other flight details are as follow:

JL3098 (Okinawa-Narita): Departs at 13:35 and arrive at 16:00
JL3095 (Narita-Okinawa): Departs at 18:25 and arrive at 21:45

And as announced earlier, Narita-Fukuoka will see frequency increase from 2 to 3 daily from November 1 2009. The change details are as follow:

JL3052: Departs at 07:05 and arrives at 08:45, existing domestic flight
JL3054: Departs at 13:15 and arrives at 14:55, NEW domestic flight
JL3056: Departs at 17:35 and arrives at 19:15, existing domestic flight

JL3051: Departs at 09:45 and arrives at 11:50, NEW domestic flight
JL3053: Departs at 14:50 and arrives at 16:55, existing domestic flight
JL3057: Departs at 19:50 and arrives at 21:55, existing domestic flight

Narita-Nagoya will also see frequency increase from 2 to 3 daily from November 1 2009. But there are more changes other than the frequency increase. JAL will renumber JL054 to JL8405 and delay departure time by 15 minutes to improve the connection time for passengers connecting to Paris on JL408. The current international flight JL3084 and JL3085 will become domestic flights. The change details are as follow:

JL8405: Departs at 08:45 and arrives at 09:55, new flight number, International flight
JL3084: Departs at 12:50 and arrives at 14:00, now a DOMESTIC flight
JL3086: Departs at 17:45 and arrives at 18:55. NEW domestic flight

JL3083: Departs at 09:25 and arrives at 10:35, NEW domestic flight
JL3085: Departs at 15:55 and arrives at 17:05, now a DOMESTIC flight
JL053: Departs at 18:30 and arrives at 19:50, existing international flight

The new Narita-Okinawa route is a really nice change. When I was looking at flights to Okinawa from LAX, I only had one option for my return flight if I want to check through my luggage and it requires a transit at Fukuoka. And if I want to make it to Okinawa on the same day, I would have to go to Haneda. If they had added this earlier, I might have bought the Okinawa ticket :)

Source: JAL Press Release (Japanese, English)



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