"Useless" double mile campaign


Japan Airlines Mileage Bank has expanded the double miles promotion of premium classes on US flights to other regions.

If you fly on one of the JAL US flights with booking class of F/A/J/C/D/W/Y between October 1 2009 and February 14 2010, you will be eligible for accumulating double miles. Registration is required.

Translation: this is only for people flying in First class, Business class and the more expensive tickets on Premium Economy. So pretty much useless to most passengers. JAL currently has the Super Discounted Upgrade Award Promotion to up-sell their economy cabin passengers (which works, at least it works on me LOL). This promotion is to capture more paying premium passengers. That's probably why economy cabin is not included (unless you count Normal Fare)

You can visit JAL website to register and read about the details of the campaign. However you have to visit the JMB page of your region to register for this campaign.



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