JAL extends Super Discounted Upgrade Award Promotion in other regions


I just got off the phone with JMB reservation agent to reserve my upgrade award and it only costs me 10,000 miles for a one-way transpacific upgrade :)

Japan Airlines has "updated" the US website with the new campaign period. And that's ALL the US office did. No "new" icon next to the promotion link on JMB front page. No indication of the change other than the eligible period is in red right now. This promotion is mainly to help fill up JAL business cabin and to increase yield by hoping people will issue a more expensive ticket for the upgrade. But JAL has done a POOR job promoting this. At least on JAL Japan website, they post a news link saying the promotion has been extended. Who would know that you have extended the offer (other than people like me who has nothing to do other than checking your website LOL).

I learned my lesson last time when I issued my ticket in N class and ended up paying for the penalty and fare difference to take advantage of this promotion back in July. This time when I made my reservations, I reserved K fare on all flights because I was hoping they will extend this offer. And lucky me they did :) Now I only have to keep checking for the JMB website to see if there are seats on my other flights :)



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