JAL is extending the SUPER Discounted Upgrade Award


Japan Airlines is extending the Super Discounted Upgrade Promotion till the end of the year (at least for the JMB Japan members).

JAL will extend the 10,000 miles US and european upgrade till the end of the year (originally going to end by the end of this month). If you have a flight booked between October 1 2009 and December 31, 2009, you are now eligible for this upgrade award sale. JMB Japan members will be able to start making reservations starting on September 17 2009 at 16:00.

I am expecting JAL to extend the same promotion in other regions. But last time they didn't begin the promotion in other regions until weeks after they launched the promotion in Japan. And different region has different rules (e.g. K class is eligible in the US but not in the UK). Keep checking JMB website of your region for the update.

JAL also extends a whole bunch of other promotions. It is kind of confusing to me...they look like some kind of upgrade award promotion too but with a higher mileage deduction but lower booking class requirement. But I could be wrong....and I don't even know what this promotion is. Is this yet another upgrade award promotion?

Source: Japan Airlines (Japanese only)



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