JAL extends Fly On Point bonus campaign for Japan members once again


Once again, Japan Airlines extends the bonus Fly On Point (FOP) campaign which they have been running since April 1 2009. Japan JMB members can enjoy this campaign until the end of year and has a better chance to qualify as a JAL most frequent flyers (aka elite members).

Under this campaign, Japan region members will earn an extra 400 and 200 FOPs bonus (on top of the 400 bonus FOPs you already earn) when they fly in eligible fare which can earn 100% and 75% mileage respectively. The routes eligible for this campaign are Haneda-Sapporo, Komatsu, Osaka (Itami, Kansai, Kobe), Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi Ube, Fukuoka and Kitakyushu; Osaka (Itami, Kansai)-Fukuoka; and Nagoya (Komaki)-Fukuoka.

You will have to register to earn the extra FOP bonus. Under this campaign, one can be a JMB Sapphire (lowest level to qualify for the semi-lifetime status) with as little as 37 Haneda-Osaka sectors (not roundtrips!!!). Normally you will need 53 sectors (ones with 100% mileage and 400 bonus FOPs) to qualify. You can register and find the details of this campaign on JAL Japan website (Japanese only).

I wish I am a JMB Japan member then it will be much easier for me to obtain my status...JAL can you give something similar to the US members? Seriously I would rather have 50% bonus FOPs instead of miles for the LAX 50th anniversary.



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