JAL updates SS7 seat map


JAL SS7 W83 configuration. Image from Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) has finally uploaded the revised version of the new Sky Suite 777 seat map. As pointed out before, 8 of the seats will not be sold because they have less than the advertised 33-34 inches seat pitch. The only changes in this revised seat map is that it clearly indicates which these 8 seats are.

The "non-salable seats" are marked with a red cross and are located in the rear section of the economy class cabin. They are the middle B and J seats on row 53-55 and the window seat A and K on row 56. No idea how 53C and 53H have wider seat pitches than the middle seats since the curvature of the fuselage starts from there. I guess if you want an even wider seats, row 53-55ACHK and 56CH will be  your preferred seats but then there will be increased level of foot traffic due to proximity to the lavatories and galley. Also, those seats might be the ones with 33 inches of seat pitch. So there could potentially be some tradeoff.

The SS7 cabin will be launched on the Tokyo Narita - London Heathrow route on January 9 2013 and initially will be available on alternate days until the end of February 2103. JAL will retrofit the entire fleet of 777-300ER at the rate of 1 plane per month. So you can expect SS7 to be rolled out to another route towards the end of March. New York JFK should be the next one to get this brand new cabin if JAL sticks to its original roll out plan.



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