Shiseido products for passengers on Okinawa flights


Japan Airlines (JAL) has expanded its tie-up with Shiseido to give away some free goods to female passengers on select Okinawa flights for a limited time. Female passengers traveling on Domestic First Class and Class J on flights between Okinawa and Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita, Osaka Itami, and Osaka Kansai will receive personal care products from Shiseido and a special pamphlet during the campaign period.

This promotion will run from January 1 till March 31 2013. Different products will be given out during the period but they all are products help fight the cabin dryness so the ladies will be ready to show off their beauty when they get off the flights LOL

January 1 - February 14 2013

Flights to Okinawa
Shiseido Ferzea Cream M, a fragrance-free and colored-free moisturizing cream that can help passengers prevent skin dryness and could stimulate blood circulation at the same time. It contains urea and can be used on hands, arms and legs.

Flights from Okinawa
Shiseido Ferzea Lip Cream, a paraben-free lip cream which contains urea, squalene, polyquaternium-51 and water-soluble polymer.

February 15 - March 31 2013

Flights to Okinawa
Shiseido Sinoadore Jelly, a jelly drink that helps circulation and provides dietary supplement. It contains dietary fiber, vitamin C, Coix extra, houttuynia cordata extract, cherry juice extract, safflower and tastes of oolong tea.

Flights from Okinawa
Shiseido Beauty Drink Kiresusu, a drink to moisturize and keep a healthy skins. It contains amino acid and 17 kinds of vitamins and minerals.

For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release (Japanese only)

So no love for male passengers? We need to moisturize our skins too!



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