Friday, May 21, 2010

JAL to maintain current level of fuel surcharge

Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced it will maintain the current level of fuel surcharge for tickets issued between July and September. This is expected as JAL's fuel surcharge is calculated based on the average jet fuel price in Singapore. The average price for Feb-April 2010 is USD88.51 per barrel and therefore is still within the same range as last period. Next fuel surcharge revision will be on October 1 2010. Hopefully the current oil price drop will lower the surcharge next time.

Source: JAL Press Release

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Japanese version of "I Will Be There With You"

Still remember the theme song used for the launch of Japan Airlines' (JAL) new cabins? It's the song sung "I Will Be There With You" sung by Katharine Mcphee. Yes, it's the one you hear onboard all the time :) A while back JAL has announced there will be a Japanese version sung by Anri and I finally find the song! You can listen to the song on JAL Happy Eco Project site (there's a video there).

I will let you guys be the judge and decide on which one is better. Below is the original song by Katharine Mcphee. It's not the JAL Suite promotional video, this is something called the JAL Spirit video, probably one of the last videos you will see the 744 in it :(

JAL is an Eco-First company

Japan Airlines (JAL) was recognized as an "Eco-First" company by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOE). The Eco-First Program was established in April 2008 to encourage companies to preserve the environment and to be in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol. The Dark Side was awarded this title in December 2008. So JAL is more than two years behind :(

JAL temporarily reduce Bangkok flight frequency

Due to the political unrest in Bangkok which hurts tourist demand considerably, Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced a temporary frequency reductions to two of its Bangkok routes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Incident: JAL Doraemon Jet scrapped its ass

Japan Airlines' (JAL) Doraemon Jet got into an incident at Itami on May 9th. It scraped its tail skid assembly when the pilots decided to go around.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

800 miles of calendar+JGC diary?

Japan Airlines (JAL) has finally given overseas JAL Global Club (JGC) members a choice of annual gift! As an added benefit, overseas JGC members have a choice of 800 JAL Mileage Bank miles or a JAL original calendar plus JGC desk diary!

June 2010 movie list on JAL flights

Japan Airlines (JAL) has uploaded its June inflight entertainment program listing. To be honest, the offering is a bit disappointing this month. You even see repeat of Michael Jackson's This Is It! I guess it's just no good movies came out in the last few months :( Below are the list of movies available on MAGIC-I and II.