JAL uploads official 787-8 seat map


Finally! Japan Airlines (JAL) has uploaded its official 787-8 seat map to its website. The long-haul configuration of the 787 is called E01.

JAL official 787 seat map
JAL uploads official 787-8 seat map (Source: JAL website)

As I had guessed earlier, there will be 4 lavatories in economy class cabin behind row 29. However, in the business class cabin, there are actually 3 lavatories instead of just 2 as shown by the booking engine seat map. There will be 2 behind row row 3 and an extra one behind the cockpit. 

All seats in row 45 are exit row seats. Originally the booking engine seat maps showed 45HK as bulkhead seats instead by putting a galley in front of it. But as I suspected, that couldn't be the case. So there are a total of 4 exit row seats 45ACHK in this configuration.

There are plenty of baby basinets throughout the cabins. Basically all bulkhead seats will have at least one basinet. So there are a total of 6 basinet in the business class cabin (1AC, 1DG, 1HK, 7AC, 7DG, 7HK), and 6 total in the economy class cabin (22AC, 22HK, 2 at 23DEFG, 2 at 46DEFG)

There are only two seats, 52A and 52K without a window. So if you are flying in economy class and want to play with the electronic window shade, then avoid row 52.

For the official seat maps, you can visit JAL website (Japanese, English)



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