Thursday, October 29, 2009

JAL Cargo violates trade regulations in Korea!?!?

The Wall Street Journal reports Japan Airlines has received a letter from South Korea's Fair Trade Commission stating JAL Cargo has violated trade regulations in Korea. But the final conclusion of the investigation hasn't been reached yet. Though JAL says it will take appropriate measures if the trade violation accusation is true. Last year JAL pleaded guilty and was fined USD110M in the US. So this violate could be true. Um...Just in time to get more money from JAL/Japanese government LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JAL applying for ETIC help?

Japan Airlines has just published a press release regarding its restructuring. JAL is officially applying for the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation (ETIC) help and has initiated preliminary consultation. According to, the transportation minister, Seiji Maehara, is supposing having a press conference right now after receiving the JAL restructuring report from the expert panel.

Rumor: Japanese government may finalize JAL bailout package today

Multiple Japanese newspapers reports that the Japanese government will finalize Japan Airlines' bailout package after noon today (Japan time). This will likely include tapping into the funding of the newly established Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan (ETIC). For details of this latest JAL rumor, you can refer to Reuters which has an English summary of what has been reported. (Or if you prefer Japanese, you can read more here)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SFO got screwed once again

Sorry SFO, you are getting screwed once again. Japan Airlines has added extra dates in December which JL001/002 between NRT and SFO will be operated by a 773 with older configuration.

Pictures of JA743J

IF Boeing has not delivered JA743J to Japan Airlines yet, it will be very soon. JA743J is the third and last 777-300ER to be delivered to JAL in 2009.

Delay again on Day 2 of 773 LAX operation

WOW what a start for 773 operation for Japan Airlines LAX route. First JL062 was delayed because of ship change on Day 1. Now on Day 2, it was delayed again. This time because of strong wind at Narita. But JAL finally fixed the delay problem on Day 3. They were able to use another 773 on JL062 before JL061 arrives. So where did they find the 773? Has Boeing finally delivered JA743J?

Monday, October 26, 2009

JAL launches daily Haneda-Beijing flight

Japan Airlines starts its daily charter flight (JL8823) to Beijing from Haneda on October 25. An opening ceremony was held at Haneda Terminal 1 on Sunday to celebrate the inauguration (ANA and Air China starts their charter flights on the same day too). The Mainichi Daily News has a picture of the ceremony. JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu (first on the right) doesn't look happy at all in the picture LOL. I am sure there are a lot more in his head than this first charter flight :)

Ship change on Day 1 of 773 to LAX!

Japan Airlines started scheduled 773 service to LAX and ORD yesterday. And guess what? On Day 1, the LAX flight (JL062) was delayed due to ship change LOL. I hope they still use the new config on the flight after the switch. I would be pissed if I bought ticket for this first 773 flight and end up getting the old config :P Another side effect of the switch to 773 is the chain effect of delays due to late arrival of aircraft. JL062 is delayed today again, this time due to late arrival of aircraft. JAL doesn't have spare 773 with new config to spare ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rumor: JAL to reduce London frequency to 1 daily?

jiaotze from FlyerTalk posted a news article from Japan Today saying Japan Airlines will reduce its Narita-Heathrow frequency from twice daily to once daily starting December 7 2009.

Rumor: JAL USD5.5 billion in red!?!?!

According to AFP, a Japanese newspaper reports Japan Airlines will have a loss of USD5.5 billion for this fiscal year due to the restructuring cost and troubled economy. Holy crap that's USD15M of loss per day!?!?! Good that looks like JAL will receive USD6 billion of aid according to The Financial Times. I am kind of sick of all these rumors for now. They kept saying decisions will be made in a few days but yet no decision has been announced.

Extended Narita runway B is now operational

The newly extended runway B at Narita is finally open today. As reported earlier, Japan Airlines' charter flight to Hokodate was the first airplane to use to extended runway.

Sakura lounge access for China routes

Japan Airlines has announced a promotion for passengers flying on its China routes. Passengers flying on eligible Economy class tickets on flights to China can have free access to the Narita Sakura Lounge.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Japan to finalize JAL restructuring within days

Looks like we finally see the end of the tunnel (or not) and the Japanese government will finalize on Japan Airlines restructuring plan within days.

JAL denied JAL Hotel rumors

Japan Airlines once again issued a statements (Japanese only) on its website denying the latest rumors regarding its hotel business.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rumor: JAL panel switches to plan B (or should I say plan X)?

Seems none of those proposed Japan Airlines restructuring plan actually satisfies everyone. The latest JAL restructuring plan once again fail to please every one (this time the creditors), and the expert panel has to switch to yet another plan.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rumor: JAL will keep flights to Brazil and 4 other routes

Yet another rumor. This time it is based on another rumor earlier saying JAL will suspend flights to Sao Paulo. Apparently Japan Airlines might have changed its mind and decided not to suspend Sao Paulo and some other routes.

Rumor: JAL to sell off planes and subsidiaries

The Japan Airlines restructuring rumors just won't end. It looks like to me people close to the source just throw out these ideas and test what the public reactions are. Then they will decide on what to do LOL. Mainichi Daily News reports the panel will suggest JAL to sell off a dozen of its large-sized planes and 30% of its subsidiaries.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rumor: JAL to codeshare with Asian low-cost carriers?

There are more rumors every day. This time it's about another possible Japan Airlines "tie-up" with low-cost carriers from Asia.

According to the Asahi Daily, JAL is seeking code-sharing partnership with low-cost carriers in Asia to replace its own operation to resort destinations such as Hawaii, Thailand and Indonesia. As these flights are in general less profitable. This will allow JAL to focus on the more profitable routes to North America, Europe and China and also reduce the personnel needed.

2010 JMB international flight award discount

Japan Airlines has announced the discounted award tickets campaign periods for 2010. This year different region will have different campaign period.

Another response from JAL regarding the rumors

Japan Airlines has made yet another announcement (Japanese only) on its website regarding the latest management change rumors. Once again, JAL denies the rumors and states that they are working on the restructuring plan under the support of the Japanese government, which will be finalized by the end of November.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TSA Secure Flight Program

As its continuous effort to fight terrorists, TSA has implement a new secure flight program, which requires airlines to provide passenger information on flights to and out of the US. Starting from October 31 2009, Japan Airlines will start asking for passenger for their 1. Full name, 2. Date of birth, 3.Gender, and 4. Redress Number (applicable person only). Now if I give you JAL your birthday will they upgrade you if you fly on your birthday? :) You can find more information on JAL website.

Reminder: new JAL carry-on limits on domestic flights

As reported earlier, Japan will standardize on the carry-on luggage limit starting on Dec 1 2009. Japan Airlines has updated its website (Japanese only). The limit is based on the aircraft type. To find your limit, look up your aircraft type, then the limits are presented in (width + height + depth) limit, width limit, height limit and depth limit. If you carry on doesn't are too big, just check them in. Unlike the US carriers, It's still free to check baggages on JAL flights :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JAL denies CEO leaving

Bloomberg has an updated report regarding the latest JAL rumor. Most of it are repeat of what other reports say, the only piece of new information is Japan Airlines spokesperson denies rumor about the CEO Mr. Nishimatsu will step down. It also quotes Kyodo News saying JAL will consider filing bankruptcy if talks with creditors fail. But I would say no need to panic now as the Japan Aviation Minister said the restructuring is going smoothly. I have faith that he Japanese government won't let JAL ceases operation.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rumor: Alternative Dispute Resolution for JAL?

Yomiuri News reports that JAL may use the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve its financial problems.

Bird strike on JL3609

There was a bird strike on Japan Airlines flight 3609 from Fukuoka to Okinawa on October 11 2009. Incident like this happens all the time but the horror in this incident is...the flight load.

JAL wants your input on their English website

Japan Airlines is running a online survey regarding their English version of the domestic booking page. You can fill out the short questionnaire here and make your voice heard.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Goodbye Jalux USA Shopping

Effective from today, Jalux USA Shopping will merge with JAL Shopping Americas. It always puzzled me why JAL has to maintain so many different gift shopping sites (JALPAK Gift and JALUX USA Shopping). And now they finally all get consolidated into a single site. So if you want your 2010 JAL calender, you can order it through JAL Shopping Americas (direct link here).

Sorry SFO, we (LAX & ORD) stole your 773 LOL

I feel sorry for folks at SFO. They were the one who stuck with the old F seats forever and never got the chance to upgrade to the Solo seats. Japan Airlines made this up by giving SFO the new 777-300ER (773) with JAL Suites ahead of LAX and ORD. But looks like JAL will once again give SFO the old products temporary. This is probably due to the 773 launch on LAX and ORD routes. Yes we stole your 773 LOL

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Volume 21 of JAL Today's Topic - Ice and Snow Removal

Japan Airlines has uploaded volume 21 of their Today's Topic, the video you see onboard on JAL flights. The topic this time is Ice and Snow Removal in Winter.

Cost saving or service improvement?

I will let you guys be the judge for this one. Japan Airlines has recently changed its drink service on international flights but I am not sure if this is a cost saving measure or a service improvement based on customer feedbacks.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More JAL announcement regarding JMB rumors

Japan Airlines has made another announcement/clarification regarding the recent JMB rumors.

JAL states that we shouldn't worry about the JMB miles in our account they will still be! They strongly support the independent restructuring and will continue to maintain a safe operation and service quality. Of course it also asks you to keep flying with them LOL

August traffic data (= more sign of relief?)

Japan Airlines has just released the traffic data for August 2009. Even the overall passenger numbers do drop year over year, the international passenger load factor actually improves due to the shift to smaller aircraft and route suspensions and frequency reductions.

JAL reopens Frankfurt lounge on October 26

Japan Airlines will reopen its newly renovated lounge at Frankfurt International Airport on October 26 2009.

The newly renovated lounge consists of both First class and Sakura lounges. It has twice the size of the original Sakura lounge. The lounge is modeled after the Narita lounge concepts (Looking at the pictures on the press release, I almost thought it's taken at Narita's Sakura lounge) and is located only 2 minute away from the departure gate. It will have the amenities passengers have been asking for such as showers, free LAN access, etc.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

British bank reverse its decision on stop honoring JAL ticket purchases

The Manichi Daily News reports the British bank which stops honoring Japan Airlines ticket purchases has withdraw their measure. However IMHO this is too little too late. The damaged has been done and people are now too worry to buy tickets from JAL. But this is better than not lifting the measure at all...

Expect delays and cancellations due to typhoon

Typhoon Melor (#18) is heading towards Japan and could be the worst storm to hit Japan in more than 10 years. JAL has canceled/delayed some of the flights due to this. So far NRT and KIX are not seeing delays today but could see the impact starting tomorrow. However Chubu (Nagoya) are expected to start seeing impacts on flights today. You should definitely check JAL website (international, domestic) for the latest flight information before your flights. You can also check the typhoon information here.

Source: Reuters

Rumor: JAL September international passenger number increase and back to profit in Q2

According to Yomiuri News, Japan Airlines finally see a sign of "recovery".

In the month of September, the international passenger traffic increases by 5% compared to last September. Probably helped by the strong booking in the long holiday weekends in September. But the financial crisis began exactly a year ago and traffic in September 2008 dropped roughly 17%. So this 5% increase still doesn't bring business back to normal. Not to mention the yield probably is still much lower than before due to lower business class bookings (why do you think you can upgrade a transpacific flight with only 10,000 miles LOL). But this is at least a good sign, something JAL hasn't seen for quite some time. The passenger numbers have been decreasing for a long long time (since Dec 2007?).

Monday, October 5, 2009

More campaign to get you fly on JAL

Japan Airlines has yet another campaign to attract more people to fly with them and redeem more miles. JMB Japan region members who fly on eligible routes with eligible fares for 10 times can redeem award tickets at a discounted rate. Looks like the campaign is targeting at the resort routes.

JAL ASPIRE flight, first in Asia

Japan Airlines will be operating the first ASPIRE flight in Asia. This is to help establish industry-wide standards to reduce impacts on air travel.

ASPIRE stands for the joint venture called ASia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emission. It aims at establishing environmental friendly flight operation procedures worldwide. JAL will be the first in Asia to operate a ASPIRE flight (three other flights were conducted last year).

JAL "Shades Closed Exercise"

After conducting the trial back in July, Japan Airlines has decided to implement the closed shades energy saving measure across 17 domestic airports in Japan and 5 airports overseas.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Extra benefits for JGC Premier and JMB Diamond elites

Japan Airlines has announced some extra benefits to the top tier JMB elites: JMB Diamond and JGC Premier.

JAL wins two Good Design Awards

Japan Airlines has won two Good Design Awards this year. One of the awards is for the Japanese style lunchbox they served on their selected flights. And no surprise the other award is for one of JAL's new seats on 773. And no it's not the new JAL Suite that wins the award.

November movie list on JAL flights

You can find the November movie list on Japan Airlines flights on their website. The only movie from last month are The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and My Sister's Keeper, the rest are all new! Below are the movies available on MAGIC-I and II.

October JAL wallpapers and inflight menus

Japan Airlines has updated its website with the September wallpapers and the menus on its international flights. The long haul business class menu also change this month to the fall menu.