JAL ASPIRE flight, first in Asia


Japan Airlines will be operating the first ASPIRE flight in Asia. This is to help establish industry-wide standards to reduce impacts on air travel.

ASPIRE stands for the joint venture called ASia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emission. It aims at establishing environmental friendly flight operation procedures worldwide. JAL will be the first in Asia to operate a ASPIRE flight (three other flights were conducted last year).

JAL will conduct all those little fuel saving measures they came up with over the years and implement them on the ASPIRE flight. Then compare the amount of fuel saving to the regular flights. The measures range from loading lighter items on flights to using a different approach and departure procedures.

JAL has picked JALways (JO) flight 077 from Honolulu to Kansai on October 10 2009 as the ASPIRE flight. The flight will be operated by a Boeing 747-400. You can find out more details of the measures which will be implemented on the flight can be found in the JAL Press Release



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