Sorry SFO, we (LAX & ORD) stole your 773 LOL


I feel sorry for folks at SFO. They were the one who stuck with the old F seats forever and never got the chance to upgrade to the Solo seats. Japan Airlines made this up by giving SFO the new 777-300ER (773) with JAL Suites ahead of LAX and ORD. But looks like JAL will once again give SFO the old products temporary. This is probably due to the 773 launch on LAX and ORD routes. Yes we stole your 773 LOL

JAL has made an announcement earlier (actually a week and half ago) regarding the temporary equipment switch on the NRT-SFO route. Between October 25 and November 23 2009, JAL will temporary deploy an older version of 773 with Solo and Shell Flat seats instead of the Suites and Neo seats, i.e. the configuration will be W73 instead of W82.

Even though JAL did not mention this directly, MY GUESS is this is related to the launch of 773 on the LAX and ORD routes. So far Boeing has only delivered 2 773 to JAL this year, one on September 15 and the other on September 30. But JAL will need 3 773's to fly to NRT-LAX and NRT-ORD. Maybe there's a delay in delivery (or JAL doesn't have $ to pay for another 773 so they have to postpone it LOL) or JAL has planned this equipment change long time ago. Either way we are taking away your 773. Sorry SFO :P On the bright side, you can finally have the Solo seats hahaha.

So if I see a slightly used seats on my coming LAX flights, I will know where this flight comes from :)



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