SFO got screwed once again


Sorry SFO, you are getting screwed once again. Japan Airlines has added extra dates in December which JL001/002 between NRT and SFO will be operated by a 773 with older configuration.

JAL is kind of sneaky about this too. The announcement is at the bottom of the America website front page (not in the usual chronicle order), and the same for the flight planning page (JAL used to only show this announcement on the flight planning page). In the updated announcement, JAL has added dates between December 21 2009 and December 31 2009 which SFO will see an older configuration of 773, i.e. W73.

I feel sorry for folks at SFO. Looks like this time it is more likely related to scheduled maintenance. Probably one of the three 773's delivered to JAL last year was due for some maintenance during that time. And IMHO if any of the 773 with W82 configuration is out of service, SFO will be likely to be picked on LOL. Just wait till Boeing deliver 4 more 773 next year (if this message board is correct). But there's no guarantee JAL won't deploy these 773 on other routes (I can see LHR getting them) instead of reserving one of them as a reserve aircraft to fly short/medium-haul routes.



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