Bird strike on JL3609


There was a bird strike on Japan Airlines flight 3609 from Fukuoka to Okinawa on October 11 2009. Incident like this happens all the time but the horror in this incident is...the flight load.
 According to The Aviation Herald, it was a Boeing 767-300 aircraft with THIRTY-THREE people onboard. Yes, THIRTY-THREE (33)!!! The bird was ingested into the right engine during the initial climb at about 500 feet. The flight eventually landed safely at Fukuoka 25 minutes after departure.

A JAL domestic 763 has 261 seats (42J 219Y). The report says number of people not passenger onboard, so I assume the number includes the flight crew. Last time when there were an incident on a JAL 763 from KIX to TPE, the report shows they had 10 crew members and 33 passengers onboard. So if there were around 10 crew members, that means they only had 23 passengers on that flight!?!?!? I hope JAL have enough cargo load to make this flight profitable. They might be better off to pay those 23 passengers to fly on another flight or even on an ANA flight :P



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