JAL wins two Good Design Awards


Japan Airlines has won two Good Design Awards this year. One of the awards is for the Japanese style lunchbox they served on their selected flights. And no surprise the other award is for one of JAL's new seats on 773. And no it's not the new JAL Suite that wins the award.

Surprisingly the JAL Shell Flat Neo seats in the business class cabin beats the JAL Suites in First class and won the Good Design Award in the Society (Public Transit Vehicles) category (notice there's a good design award logo on the page now :). The new seats are really similar to the previous design (JAL Shell Flat) and the main improvements are the increased in storage area and I love how they finally move the electric outlet to the front of the armrest. I can finally put my macbook pro power outlet in without using the extension cord :) But I still don't know how the Neo seat beats the JAL Suite. I guess I will find out when I try them for the first time in my next trip in the coming months.

The Japanese style lunch box, Soraben, won the Network (Publicity) category of the award. Not sure what this falls into the network (publicity) category. But it's an award who cares :P

Source: JAL Press Release



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