Extra benefits for JGC Premier and JMB Diamond elites


Japan Airlines has announced some extra benefits to the top tier JMB elites: JMB Diamond and JGC Premier.

Eligible elites have to apply between December 1 and January 31 and decide which option they opt for. Choices range from domestic First/J class upgrades, lounge coupons, giving equivalent elite status to your spouse, extra upgrade points, hotel coupons and gifts from selection.

Not sure if this is a Japan region benefits for now. We will have to wait for JAL to update other region website to find out. For now you can refer to this page (Japanese only) for details.

Update: JAL Hong Kong has just posted the same link on the Japanese version of their site. So this extra benefit should apply for members in all regions. Chiangi from FlyterTalk has posted an excellent translation on the Forum. You can read the details here



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