Tuesday, August 31, 2010

JAL filed restructuring plan with Tokyo District Court

After months of delay, speculations, rumors and leaked information, Japan Airlines (JAL) has finally filed its restructuring plan with the Tokyo District Court on August 31 2010, barely meeting the end of August deadline. There aren't many changes to the original plan announced earlier in the year and most of them have been leaked in the recent news reports. Below are the highlights of the business plan

Friday, August 20, 2010

JAL announces changes to 2010 Winter schedule

Japan Airlines (JAL) has officially announced its 2010 winter schedule today. There are frequency decrease and aircraft downsizing as expected to improve JAL profitability, but there are also frequency increases and service improvements too. Also from December 1, all JALways flights will be marked with the "JL" code instead of "JO" code to improve operational efficiency.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

25th anniversary of the JL123 accident

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the world's most deadly single-aircraft accidents. A quarter of century ago, due to faulty repair conducted by Boeing, Japan Airlines (JAL) flight 123 lost control and crashed into Ridge of Osutaka at 6:56PM. 524 passengers and crew members were killed. Only 4 people survived this accident.

Monday, August 9, 2010

JAL expand job cubs to 19,133 by March 2015

According to 47 News, Japan Airlines (JAL) now plans to cut 19,133 jobs through end of March 2015, up from the previous plan of roughly 16,000 job cuts. Some of the extra cuts will be from the popular early retirement program, which now expects to cut 8,339 jobs, up from the previous number of 7,000.

You can finally print your JAL international flight boarding pass online from October 21 2010

Japan Airlines (JAL) will roll out a new online check-in system on October 21 2010, same date they start the new HND international flights to Taipei. With the new system, you can finally print out your own boarding pass (or have it sent to your phone if it is an ex-HND flight) and walk strict to the gate (ok after dropping off your luggages at the quick baggage drop-off counter and going through security).

Friday, August 6, 2010

JAL sending executives to AA headquarters to learn from them

According to The Mainichi Daily News, Japan Airlines (JAL) has sent 100 executive staff to American Airlines (AA) headquarters so that they can learn some of the management skills from AA, including their corporate trade secrets!

JAL to sell part of its stake in JAL Hotels to Hotel Okura

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced the decision to sell 79.6% of its share in JAL Hotels to Hotel Okura today. After the transaction, JAL will maintain 11.1% of stake in JAL Hotels. Both brands of Hotel Nikko and JAL Hotel City will be retained and JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members can keep accumulating miles and using JAL Coupons at the JAL Hotels chain. JAL Hotels and Hotel Okura will cooperate closely to improve profitability. For details, you can refer to JAL Press Release.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

JAL announces the merger of 4 subsidiary sales companies

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced today the decision to merge 4 of its subsidiary sales companies into a consolidated entity. The subsidiaries are JAL Sales Co., Ltd. (JSAT), JAL Sales Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (JSAH), JAL Sales West Japan Co., Ltd. (JSAW) and JAL Sales Kyushu Co., Ltd. (JSAK). Right now each of them is responsible for JAL sales in their respective region. After the merge, which is scheduled to take effect from October 1 2010, the consolidated company JAL Sales Co., Ltd will improve efficiency by unifying the sales strategies and activities, and drawing strengths and expertise from each of the four companies.

Source: JAL Press Release

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

JAL and VN expands codeshare agreement

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Vietnam Airlines (VN) has reached an agreement to expand their existing code sharing deal to include Nagoya-Ho Chi Minh City and Narita-Hanoi from October 1 2010. Ticket sales will start on August 5 2010. JAL will also retime its Narita-Honai flight on the same day it starts codesharing with VN on this route. Below are the schedules.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sorry SFO, more days with older generation F and C seats

Japan Airlines (JAL) has finally posted a notice on its website regarding the upcoming configuration change on the SFO route (JL001/002). But the period listed on the notice is longer than the one I reported earlier. Now SFO will see 8 more days of older generation products. If you are flying JL001/002 between September 5 and October 8 2010, make sure you check your assigned seats as the aircraft configuration has changed on these days

Source: JAL website

Monday, August 2, 2010

JAL to start First class service on Narita-Jakarta and end Hong Kong First class service

I finally find out where Japan Airlines (JAL) is going to deploy the extra 777-300ER after switching Narita (NRT) - San Francisco (SFO) (JL001/002) from 777-300ER to 777-200ER. From October 31 2010, JAL will start First class service on NRT-Jakarta (CGK), the same day which JAL downsize SFO to 772. Since JAL will be using the SFO aircraft on this route, it is getting the latest and greatest products, i.e. JAL Suite and JAL Flat Shell NEO seats in First and Business class respectively. And don't forget about the Sky Gallery and Self-service bar. I start to feel jealous :P

Also, JAL will discontinue First class service on Hong Kong (HKG) route (JL731/732) from October 1 2010. Currently NRT-HKG is the only short-haul route left with First class service. When JAL switches this flight to Haneda (HND) airport, it will downsize the aircraft from 747-400 to 777-200ER, and therefore discontinuing First class service and finally retire the Sky Sleeper seats (at least no route with regular scheduled Sky Sleeper service). This will also marks an end of short-haul First class service. NRT-CGK will be the shortest route with First class service after this.