Rumor: JAL bringing back the Tsurumaru logo with a modern touch?


JAL old tsurumaru logosYomiuri Online started an interesting rumor that says Japan Airlines (JAL) will switch back to its old Tsurumaru logo but with a modern touch when it changes its company name on April 1 2011. The same time that JAL plans to exit bankruptcy and has a fresh start. They will modify the JAL font in the old Tsurumaru logo.

Personally I love the old Tsurumaru logo and would love to see that come back (the old fonts and the old marking). But it seems like a waste of money to do so at the moment. I would rather they spend the money to improve their products and service. Why spend them on painting the fleet once again (they just finished switching to the current marking on May 31 2008)? I hope the rumor isn't true although I would love to see the family crane in the sky once again.



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