JAL would like to create JBV with CX


According to Bloomberg, Japan Airlines (JAL) President Masaru Onishi said they would like to create a joint business venture similar to the one with AA with Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) during an interview in Tokyo yesterday. An CX spokesperson said they see that as an option.

With the upcoming open skies deal with US, JAL will start a JBV with AA on April 1 2011. Japan plans to seek similar open skies deal with other Asian countries. This opens up business opportunities and possible tie up for JAL. As the only other Oneworld carrier in Asia, CX is an option (Of course BA said they are ready when JAL is too). Does that mean the big carriers within an alliance are going to create JBV with each other and coordinate on price and schedule? I don't like what this is heading at all.



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