Problem found on one of JAL's 777-300's emergency exit slides


Japan Airlines (JAL) found problems with the emergency exit slides on one of the 777-300's. It was a mistake made by a subcontractor (outsourcing?). It has been flying for 2 years and 11 months before the problem is caught. 7 other 777-300's could have similar problems and JAL will check the other 7 777-300's. 4 flights were delayed for up to 4 hours 45 minutes today and 1,430 passengers were affected.

JAL has issued a statement on its website regarding this issue. The company who performed this maintenance work was TKY (株式会社東京機内用品製作所). At least it's not the Singapore company who mixed up their left and right engines and messed up ANA's oxygen masks this time :o JAL apologized for the inconvenience caused due to this. Flight operation will be back to normal tomorrow (of course other than cancellations and delays caused by volcanic eruption in Japan). JAL will carry out extra supervision to its outsourced maintenance work to avoid occurrence of similar events and will continue to work on its mission to maintain flight safety!

Source: via Yahoo! (Japanese only)



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