Speculation: JAL's JA822J could be the next 787 to fly


According to KPAE Paine Field Blog, it appears that 787 line 23. JA822J for Japan Airlines (JAL), now has the engines installed! There were quite a number of people working on the plane too. This is one of the few 787 that has engines installed and has not flown yet (the other one line 8 is in bay 3 of ATS hanger 3 according to Matt Cawby of KPAE Paine Field Blog. Some commenters think it might be due to line 23 is in better shape than the others especially in the horizontal stabilizer. So it's only speculation at this point but I am glad that finally a JAL 787 has engines on and is one step closer to its first flight :)

For pictures and video of this JAL 787, please visit KPAE Paine Field Blog



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