Rumor: JAL September international passenger number increase and back to profit in Q2


According to Yomiuri News, Japan Airlines finally see a sign of "recovery".

In the month of September, the international passenger traffic increases by 5% compared to last September. Probably helped by the strong booking in the long holiday weekends in September. But the financial crisis began exactly a year ago and traffic in September 2008 dropped roughly 17%. So this 5% increase still doesn't bring business back to normal. Not to mention the yield probably is still much lower than before due to lower business class bookings (why do you think you can upgrade a transpacific flight with only 10,000 miles LOL). But this is at least a good sign, something JAL hasn't seen for quite some time. The passenger numbers have been decreasing for a long long time (since Dec 2007?).

And according to the article JAL actually managed to turn back into profit in the previous quarter (July-Sept 09). Not sure how accurate these data are but I seriously hope this is true. Especially the part about JAL turning back into profit. This will probably ease some of the concerns people have and hopefully make them book on JAL again...Fingers crossed.



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