October JAL wallpapers and inflight menus


Japan Airlines has updated its website with the September wallpapers and the menus on its international flights. The long haul business class menu also change this month to the fall menu.

No more clouds for this month's wallpapers. There are some planes finally. But they look really similar to the previous JAL plane wallpapers I have seen. Not sure if this is another cost saving measure to recycle some of the old wallpapers. You can look at them here and be the judge.

The menu selection is still Japanese only. The menu finally change to the fall one. You can find the NRT-LAX business class menu here. You can do the usual trick of changing the airport codes and class to see your menu selection. You can find the ENGLISH version of the menu for Nerw York, Chicago, London, Paris, Frankfurt on the US website (Japanese option, Western option). Please ignore the date on the Japanese menu page as JAL forgot to update that They feature the same Kabachi (glad that Goby is no longer on the menu :P). Still waiting for the ex-HKG menus to be uploaded. It should be up pretty soon.



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