800 miles of calendar+JGC diary?


Japan Airlines (JAL) has finally given overseas JAL Global Club (JGC) members a choice of annual gift! As an added benefit, overseas JGC members have a choice of 800 JAL Mileage Bank miles or a JAL original calendar plus JGC desk diary!

This is a tough choice...the only reason to choose the gifts over 800 miles is the exclusive JGC desktop diary. The calendar shown on the page is just one of the 3 JAL calendars you can purchase from JAL Shopping (or you can buy them at the airports in Japan). Judging from the photos, the diary should be one exclusive for JGC members and are not for sale. You can see more pictures of this exclusive diary from this Japanese website.

JGC members should make their choice on JAL website by June 30 2010. You could still change your mind before November by calling JMB of your region. JAL won't send you the gifts until November and will credit the miles in December.

By the way, this is the rare case that overseas members are treated better than the Japanese ones. Japanese JGC members are only offered 500 JMB miles or a pocket diary :P As you can see from the same Japanese site, the 2010 pocket diary doesn't even have a JGC logo! You probably can buy it from Blue Sky :P I can't believe I say this, but I am glad that I am an American region JGC member LOL

So which option will you choose? I haven't made up my mind yet!

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