JAL is an Eco-First company


Japan Airlines (JAL) was recognized as an "Eco-First" company by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOE). The Eco-First Program was established in April 2008 to encourage companies to preserve the environment and to be in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol. The Dark Side was awarded this title in December 2008. So JAL is more than two years behind :(

JAL has launched the JAL Happy Eco Project, which consists of a series of activities to promote safeguarding of precious life forms on Earth for 2010, which is United Nation's International Year of Biodiversity. From May 18 2010, JAL will restart the "Shades Closed Exercise". During disembarking, make sure you follow the cabin attendant's instructions to close the window shades on the side that faces the sun. This helps the environment and save JAL money :)

For details of the JAL Happy Eco Project, you can refer to JAL website (in Japanese)

Source: JAL Press Release



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