2nd Anniversary of JAL Domestic First Class


This coming December will mark the 2nd anniversary of Japan Airlines domestic First class. JAL first introduced the domestic First class on December 1 2007 on Haneda-Itami route. It is the first domestic First class service offered in Japan. Passengers can upgrade from economy class by paying a surcharge of 8,000 yen at check-in. To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, JAL is giving out free gifts to all of its domestic first class passengers in the month of December.

All domestic first class passengers flying between December 1 and 31 2009 will receive 4 packs of moisturized tissue (yes JAL is giving out tissues as a gift!). In addition to this, for flights departing from Haneda, first class passengers will receive a pack of Japanese tea while those on other flights will receive a pair of chopsticks from Hokkaido.

I know JAL is in financial trouble, but giving out tissue paper as a commemorative gift is a bit funny. I hope it is really some special kind of moisturized tissue (I think the company spent 5 years on developing the tissue and it's first in the world). But you can't help but feel a bit disappointed when you compare this with last year's gifts (coffee, soya sauce, and first class booklet; also First class leather goods on Dec 1, and champagne on Dec 24-25). I would want some kind of booklet at least as it will last longer as a commemorative gift than say tissue papers LOL

For details of the anniversary campaign, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese only). If you want to compare this year's gifts with last year's, you can visit here (English press release here)



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