32.18 billion yen loss in second quarter


Japan Airlines has just announced its second quarter earning. JAL reports a 32.18 billion loss in the quarter ending September, revenue decreased 29% to 764 billion yen and passenger yield declined 35.5% and 1.9% for international and domestic flights respectively . Last year JAL made a profit of 40.09 billion yen in the same quarter last year. However, June-August 2008 is before the current economic crisis. Not sure if we can just simply compare the y.o.y data. But this is definitely better than last quarter's 99 billion yen loss. JAL also scrapped its whole year earning forecast because it is currently undergoing a restructuring. Another news is JAL confirmed its application to alternative debt resolution so that it will have enough $ for its daily operation. For details you can refer to JAL Press Release



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