Flight number changes on some JAL international flights from March 31 2013


Japan Airlines (JAL) plans to change some of their international flight numbers to help customers better remember and recognize the flights. But compared to the complete overhaul JAL made back in May 2 2009, the changes this time are very minor. They are trying to assign 1-2 digit codes to international flights to international flights to and from Tokyo Haneda (HND), and mainly 3 digit ones on those to and from Tokyo Narita (NRT), Osaka Kansai (KIX) and Nagoya Chubu (NGO). Note that some of the continental US flights and as well as Canada ones to and from NRT will maintain their current 2 digit codes for now. Below are the changes effective March 31 2013.

Tokyo Haneda - Beijing

JL23 => JL21

Beijing - Tokyo Haneda
JL24 -> JL22

Hong Kong - Tokyo Haneda*
JL28 -> JL26

* No change on JL29 (HKG - HND) flight

Tokyo Haneda - Taipei Songshan
JL31 -> JL97
JL39 -> JL99

Taipei Songshan - Tokyo Haneda
JL32 -> JL98
JL30 -> JL96

Tokyo Narita - Honolulu
JL72 -> JL782
JL74 -> JL784
JL76 -> JL786

Honolulu - Tokyo Narita
JL71 -> JL781
JL73 -> JL783
JL75 -> JL785

Osaka Kansai - Honolulu
JL78 -> JL792

Honolulu - Osaka Kansai
JL77 -> JL791

Nagoya Chubu - Honolulu
JL84 -> JL794

Honolulu -> Nagoya Chubu
JL83 -> JL793

JAL will be making changes on their reservation systems to reflect these changes today from 10:30 to 18:00. As a result, bookings on the above flights might be temporarily suspended. For urgent reservation inquiries, you should contact JAL reservation hotline.

In some ways, I can see how this can help customers to disgust the flights at HND and NRT. But now the Hawaii flights will also be regrouped into a different range which originally belongs to the Asia and Oceania region. Also, I am not sure if the 1-2 digit codes will be enough for the HND flights in a year or two. HND will further expand their international flight slots in the near future and I expect JAL to move or add more international flights to HND. So maybe another flight number changes are bound to happen sooner or later?

For more details, you can refer to JAL website (Japanese, English)



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