JAL launches social media campaign to promote SKY SUITE 777


JAL SKY SUITE 777 social media campaign
JAL SKY SUITE 777 social media campaign. Image from Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines (JAL) has just launched a social media campaign to promote their new cabins and services to be launched on the Tokyo Narita - London Heathrow route in January 2013. All you have to do is to post some messages with your Facebook, Twitter, or Mixi account and you will be entered into the lucky draw for one of the three great prizes.

The three prizes are:

A: 2 roundtrip tickets from Tokyo Narita to London Heathrow on JAL operated flights (1 winner). You can travel between January 14 and June 30 2013 with the blackout period of April 26 to May 6 (Golden Week). Once ticketed, you cannot change your travel dates. (And I assume this is a business class ticket?)
B: 2 tickets to the JAL SKY SUITE 777 experience tour (10 winners). You can experience the brand new JAL cabins in Tokyo and enjoy the renewed inflight meals. This exclusive tour will be held some time between December 2012 and January 2013. You are responsible for your own transportation costs.

C: The new pillow and mattress pad designed for JAL business class (5 winners)

The campaign will run from October 1 till October 30 2012 (JST) and winners will be contacted via email or DM on twitter some time in mid November.

To enter this campaign, you just need to visit this JAL Facebook Page (Japanese only), use the radio button underneath the prize pictures to select your prize option (yes you can only select one). Then customize the message in the text box below. It is a fill in the blank kind of message, it basically says something like "JAL is launching new seats. And I want a new ______". Use you imagination! After that, check the boxes next to the social media icons that you want to post this message to and check the box underneath to agree to the terms and conditions. Finally hit the red button! You will see some pop up windows asking you for authorization for the app to post as you on your social media account.

I personally are interested in option B and C. But I am not sure if I can be in Tokyo for the tour (although I will be in Tokyo some time in Dec), so I end up picking option C. So please don't pick C as I want a higher chance to win the pillow and mattress pad LOL

Another thing to note is the travel period for prize A is Jan 14 to Jun 30. So could Jan 14 be the launch date of the new cabins? Previously I have speculated Jan 5 be the launch date and it will be available on alternate dates until more aircraft have been retrofitted. This was simply based on inventory data lookup (total of 8 instead of 9 seats). I guess we will need to wait for the announcement to find out :)

Good Luck!



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